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Southern Leyte dive day #10

A mixture of sunshine and clouds with a moderate breeze greets us this morning. We say good-by to the Danish couple at breakfast, which leaves four divers on the boat today, plenty of room to run around as you do!

There is a friendly dog (oxymoron) that spends a lot of time on our doorstep, this morning Jo discovers that it is camera shy, the challenge has been set.

The bad news is that we have lost the 6 of ♣, the good news is that the restaurant owner claims to have it in hand, we shall see how that plays out later.

On the subject of restaurants, we really must try to order less foodπŸ›πŸœπŸπŸ”πŸ—πŸ–πŸŸπŸ•πŸŒ­πŸ²πŸšπŸΎπŸ·πŸΊ. So far we have failed to avoid temptation.

This mornings diving is currently planned to be at Limisawa Island which is about 40 minutes south by boat. We already dived their once this trip, hopefully we can repeat the excellent wall dive at Adrian’s Cove (fate has now been tempted) which has many inlets and outcrops, there is also plenty to explore on top of the wall. Let’s see how that goes.

We made it, it turned out to be a gloriously sunny and not too windy day so we did the dive on Zak’s cove where we saw many frog fish on various colours, the nicest one IMHO was a green painted one. A lovely wall dive, the first half on the wall then the second half higher up and on to the reef.

Back at the boat or was time for coffee, biscuits and fruit. The guides and crew performed boost maintenance during the surface interval. This mostly consisted of barnacle removal from the hull and the engine water coolers.

After a little sun 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 and the appropriate intervalβŒ›β³βŒ›β³ we headed over to Adrian’s cove for the second dive. This was a Bible along the top of the wall and then back over the reef.

Back on board, more coffee and more fruit as we made our way back to base for a light lunch.

This afternoon it’s a local dive called Bunga Bend. This dive starts off shallow in an area where we hope to find ‘Seal Pup’ nudibranch. Then we make our way down the reef towards a corner (Bend) where a hard coal overhang is festoon with soft corals.

Let’s see how this plan turns out! If all goes well then we may even squeeze in a fourth dive before tea.

Well so far so good (and all good at Sogod Bay). We went around the Bunga Bend, we found the seal pup nudis and we made it to the overhang at around 31m which was indeed dripping with soft coral loveliness.

Back on board and now soaking up the remnants of the sunshine as we prepare for the dusk dive.

… and then there were two!

Just spotted this rainbow, fortunately no rain here!

The sun is now over our horizon, time to go dusk/night diving!

.. and it was indeed a most excellent dive, the highlight of which was most definitely the juvenile painted frog fish. Black with orange spots and about 3 to 4mm long.

After about 70 minutes we surface right next to the resort, amazing!

Dinner was most excellent, we ate at the resort and dined from the specials menu, Hot and Spicy pork and onion, well, it was hot!and all washed down with calamansi juice and Red Horse Beer.