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Southern Leyte dive day #9

Windy today but the sun is trying to shine. Should be a good day.

Possibly four dives today, depending on the wind.

A couple at Little Lembeh this morning, Baluarte this afternoon and, if the wind drops, night dive on the house reef.

We shall see…

On the way out to the dive site, the sun comes out. Still a little windy.

Dive 1 – Little Lembeh

Swimming out from the boat, keep the ‘reef’ on the right, then to the shallows and back to the boat.

We saw…

  • Wonderpus
  • Shrimps
  • Nudis
  • Black ornate ghost pipefish
  • Sea moths

Dive 2 – Little Lembeh

Swimming out from the boat, keep the ‘reef’ on the right and keep going.

We saw…

  • Two seahorses
  • White Robust ghost pipefish
  • Imperial shrimps
  • Nudis
  • Juvenile leaf fish

A very excellent morning of diving. Now for a quick lunch and then back out again at 3pm.

Dive 3 – Baluarte

Dropped in about 150 metres from the mooring and swam back. Lovely bimble.

We saw…

  • Tiny shrimps inside sea squirts
  • Porcelain crabs
  • See through shrimps
  • Eyeball on a string
  • Very pretty small scorpionfish

Another excellent dive.

Too rough to do the night dive from the shore, so logging, blogging and drinking before tea…

Tea was a large affair. If it had been the first night we could have called it ‘first night madness’, but it’s not. So we shall just have to call it madness. We had spicy pork ribs, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable tempura with sweet chilli sauce, stir fried vegetables and garlic rice. PHEW!!!

Feeling a little lardy… But it’s ok, I know how to get a bikini body…

Put your body in a bikini!



Anyway, after dinner we popped to the shop next-door to Alma and Jerry’s. We bought Rhum. A litre and a half for 140 pesos. That’s about £2.00.

Just realised that the only pictures I have included today is of alcohol. Hmmmm…..