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Grenada 2013

Grenada – October 2013

10 club members made up our group, Malcolm, Carol, Graham, Sue, Keith, Tony, Simon, Gabby, Jen and Jo.

We arranged a diving package with Devotion 2 Ocean, based at The Grenadian Rex, where we stayed for the week, great hotel and dive centre.


Mantis Shrimp

The dive boat and our captain Tomroy

Sea Dragon

Huge Boulders

4 wreck dives including the famous Bianca C.

Our dive guides were Ocean, Andrew and Charlson, these guys earned there money, they carried all the gear, washed and stored it everyday

Veronica L

15M dive, wreck upright on the sea bed and one of the best night dives we have ever had.

Cliff Hotel

Jen and monkeys

MV Shakem

30M dive, wreck upright on the sea bed and laden with bags of cement and nappies.

Leopard Shark

Jewel Anemones

Bianca C

Jewel Anemones

182M Cruise Ship lying in 50M, we drifted above the wreck in 35M and could see the swimming pool and bow .


Dive vessel laying on its side in 22M, covered in soft coral..

Jewel Anemones

Caribbean Reef Diving

Caribbean reef diving is always great and we were not disappointed, although the visibility is not Red Sea quality it is still good at about 20 to 25M, however, the range of colours amongst the soft corals was amazing.

Jewel Anemones

Jewel Anemones

Jewel Anemones

Jewel Anemones

Jewel Anemones

Jewel Anemones

Flamingo Bay

Flamingo Bay is the home to Grenada’s famous underwater sculptures and is home to this Octopus.

Jewel Anemones

Jewel Anemones

Jewel Anemones

A fantastic holiday and a venue that we will all go back to.

Report: Malcolm Tipping