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Dive Sites

These are just some of our favourite sites;

Shore diving from East Beach

Landing Craft – Just West of the lifeboat walkway, although well broken up the site stills remains home to a variety of marine life including small congers.

The Old Boathouse – Just East of the lifeboat walkway.

2M Drop off – Just south west of the Lifeboat house, a breeding ground for lobster and always covered in fish.

Note: Surface Marker Buoys should always be used in this area and always avoid swimming past the end of the slip.
Best time to dive is 3 hours after high water.

1 mile out
Mixon Hole
 – A wall that runs East – West, 6M below the surface and extending down to 25M to a shingle sea bed, best area to dive from 6M to 12M, where a variety of marine life can be found.
Strong tide flow in this area so best time to dive is 3.5 to 4 hours after high water (Neaps).

5 miles out
Briggita (otherwise known as the Teapot) – sunk 1917 and laying in 16M of water, a very popular dive site and easy to find, her bow is upright and stern upside down, plenty of easy wreck penetration and always covered in marine life.

Patch Landing Craft – a second world war casualty, lying upside down in 18M of water, broken into 3 sections.
Best time to dive is 4.5 hours after high water.

10 miles out
Hedwig Lunstedt – sunk 1974, a complete wreck laying in 32M of water on laying on her port side, easy wreck penetration into the accommodation area.

HMS Prince Leopold – sunk in 1940 and sitting upright in 30M of water, a large Bofors gun is mounted on the stern and points towards the surface.
Best time to dive is 5.5 hours after high water.

These are just a few of the sites we visit, there are many more and we try to vary between wreck and scenic diving.

As with all diving activities, no matter where you are in the world, always ask the locals where you can dive, launch boats, tidal information, current visibility and if there are any areas of concern that may affect diving operations.

Boat Launching Sites

Itchenor Hard – Available at all states of the tide, but harbour dues must be paid and it is quite a long way from the Chichester Harbour entrance.

Bracklesham Bay – Tractor launch available during the summer months, be aware of prevailing South Westerly winds.

East Beach Selsey – Steep ramp across shingle, can be difficult when shingle has built up on beach.

Bognor Regis – Ramp at East end of promenade, soft sand at low water can a problem.

Littlehampton – Full launch & recovery facilities at Marina in Rope Walk.