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Joining Info

The Selsey Bill Sub-Aqua Club is a branch of British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC). We are a small friendly club and are always happy to welcome new members. Our training is organised on the BSAC guidelines and we can cross over qualifications from other agencies to the BSAC system.

The club has its own fully equipped RIB which we use to reach dive sites up to 10 miles offshore. We usually launch the boat from East Beach at Selsey although we also take the boat to other launch sites along the South Coast such as Weymouth, Kimmeridge and Penzance. Trips abroad are also organised; recent trips being to the Red Sea, The Philippines, Thailand, Grenada, Cyprus, and the Maldives. In addition, the club has its own air compressor for filling cylinders.

The club is able to accept trained divers of all standards; however because we do not have access to a swimming pool we are not in a position to undertake entry-level training. This means that we are unable to take newcomers to the sport although we can recommend local schools where this training is available. Once qualified, you would be welcome to come and join the club. The minimum standard we are able to accept is BSAC Ocean Diver, PADI Open Water Diver, CMAS One-Star Diver or equivalent. Instructors within the club are able to provide training for BSAC qualified divers only, higher qualifications for PADI etc. must be obtained from relevant schools. Divers with qualifications higher than those specified are equally welcome. 

An Ocean Diver, joining the club would be expected to take the BSAC Sports Diver Course qualification which would allow the diver to undertake the majority of the dives organised by the club. Having qualified as a Sports Diver you would then be able to take higher BSAC qualifications.

A PADI Open Water Diver would at some stage need to qualify as an Advanced Open Water Diver to be able to undertake all of the club dives.

All instruction is given freely by club members although course materials will need to be purchased.

If a non BSAC member wishes to convert to the equivalent BSAC qualification then this can be undertaken within the club.

Membership Fees

The club has an annual membership fee and a one off joining fee. We operate a common renewal policy such that all membership fees are due on 1st March each year. The annual membership fee is made up of two parts. One part is membership of the Selsey Bill Sub Aqua Club and the other is for the membership of BSAC. It is worth noting that the BSAC part of the membership fee varies depending on your qualification level. The higher your qualification, the lower the fee. This arrangement is aimed at encouraging people to pursue higher qualifications.

As from 1st march 2016

Selsey Bill Sub Aqua ClubMembership£120.00
Selsey Bill Sub Aqua ClubJoining Fee £50.00
BSAC Annual Fee for Full Member (18 years+)- Club Diver, Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Assistant Diving Instructor, Theory Instructor & Practical InstructorIncludes BSAC Magazine and club voting powers.£60.00
Advanced Diver, Club Instructor, Open Water InstructorIncludes BSAC Magazine and club voting powers.£55.00
Advanced Instructor, First Class DiverIncludes BSAC Magazine and club voting powers.£49.75
National InstructorDoes not include BSAC magazine but includes club voting powers.
Abated subscription does not reduce according to BSAC diver/instructor grade.
Joint Member* - All diver grades (second member of a household aged 12 years or over who joins as a full diving member)
*Previously known as 'Abated'
Includes BSAC digital magazine (iSCUBA) and club voting powers.
Lump sum payment can be paid over the first 12 month period in instalments - please contact BSAC HQ membership services for more details
(0151 350 6201)
Life Membership (a one-off, lump sum payment that allows an individual aged 12 years or over, or a couple living at the same address to join BSAC for life)Includes BSAC iSCUBA magazine and club voting powers.£2,500
Single full diving member.
Joint member.
Full diving member plus joint member.
Associate Member
(a non-diving category of member)
Includes BSAC magazine or iSCUBA
digital magazine and club voting powers
Junior Diving Member (for divers aged between 12 and 17 years)Includes BSAC digital magazine (iSCUBA). No club voting powers.
Proof of full-time education will be required by your club.
Student Diving Member (for those in full-time education and over 18)Includes BSAC digital magazine (iSCUBA). No club voting powers.
Proof of full-time education will be required by your club.
Full Snorkelling Member (available to any individual aged 18 years or over)Includes BSAC magazine and club voting powers.£56.50

All Full Diving Members of The Selsey Bill Sub Aqua Club will be expected to be a member of the BSAC, this is to ensure they have adequate insurance plus the other benefits given by the BSAC.

Social Membership

This is available at a charge of 50% of the Selsey Bill Sub Aqua Club Fee. Not available to those in the local area.

Diving Costs

Other than an equal share in the petrol used on club RIB dives, all other costs when using the club RIB are included in the present Selsey Bill club annual fee of £120. With some divers doing an average of 60 to 70 dives a year, this equates to about £1.50 a dive. This is cheap diving when compared to the £25-£30 you would expect to pay per dive with a commercial organisation.

Further Information
If after reading this information, you would like to join the club and learn to dive, then please contact the Treasurer/Membership Secretary or the Training Officer.