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Diving Day Four

Strange noises in the night. We were woken up about 4.45 by banging and scraping on the outside of the hut. It was so noisy that it was decided that we should investigate… The saying ‘ladies first’ comes to mind. We carefully opened the door and peered out. Nothing, not a thing. Our manoeuvres did stop the noise but we are none the wiser about what the noise came from. 

After first breakfast we headed to the dive centre where we were met but this, not so little, Rhinoceros beetle. That is Detmon’s hand, we weren’t brave enough to pick it up. 

Then to see it take off… Something like an A380 leaving Heathrow. 

DIVE 12 – Aer Bajo 3

Muck – Lovely relaxing dive

Just a gentle slope of black sand. 

We saw:

Coleman Shrimps

Lots of other shrimps

Upside down jellyfish with a crab in it

Large nobbly slug

Tiny cuttlefish

It looks like a day for critters, on top of the water as well as underneath.  Saw this little fella on our veranda.

And a face shot 

Not sure but he looks poisonous to me and I should know… Collected caterpillars in the summer of ’76, ended up with hives!

DIVE 13 – Hairball 1

Wonderful dive. Another muck dive on Hairball 1.

We saw so much, some things that we have seen before and somethings we have never seen. 

Mantis shrimps – giving attitude 

Ambon scorpionfish – two tiny ones together 

Banded snake eel – out feeding

Unusual nudis mating

Nudis with large hood mouthpiece eating 

Very odd shrimp out eating – we will look up to find out the name. 

Now a dip in the pool followed by lunch. Even have time for lunch to go down before the next dive.

DIVE 14 – Aer Bajo 2

Back to Lembeh Island for this one but a bit further along.

We basic saw same stuff as this morning plus two mimic octopus.

We had heard of a crab that lives in the anus of a sea cucumber… Saw one today. What a place to live. 

Great dive.

DIVE 15 – House Reef

Dusk dive

Really nice dive.  Was a bit surprised to see drivers from a different resort kicking it up.

Lots of stinging tunicates in the water.

We saw

Brown hairy frogfish

Ambon scorpionfish

I spent time taking pictures of very small feather duster worms.

Bobtail squid


Swimming flat worm

Shrimps including duck faced shrimp

Excellent dive.

I thought a few lines about Kasawari Dive Resort might be appropriate…

It is wonderful here!  

The service is second to none. The staff are so friendly and helpful. 

The other two guests,  Darrall and Dianne are great. See picture of us below  and you will see that Darrall is Richard’s brother from another mother.  (I know, two like Richard…) 

And the close up shot… 

The diving here is so easy. Kasawari has taken a leaf out of SBSAC book, make everything as easy as possible go diving, and going above and beyond.  

Even though it has been warm (about 27 degrees) is hasn’t really sunny until today. NICE!! Feeling warm to the core. Oh, yes!!