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Diving day five

First dive of the day, Nudi Retreat, that’s where they all hide out apparently.

Disaster was avoided on the way to the dive when richard found Darrels missing Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, clear masks all round!

Gourgous dive with loads of soft corals, nudies and pygmy seahorses (well I did see one!)

It was raining today before the dive the sun had come out by the time we surfaced.

Back to land for breakfast where we combined forces with Darrell and Dianne. Scrambled eggs on toast with freshly whizzed up pineapple juice, yum.

 Hany, Chifri, Jo and Angel.

On our way to Bianca Point to find frog fish.

.. And frog fish we did find, along with many nudies and shrimps.

Back to dry land for a spot of lunch, glass noodle salad with seafood, pineapple rice with chicken and NasiGoreng, yum.

We met another guest in the dive centre today:

After lunch. Jo and I ventured out once more for a bimble over at TK where frog fish, nudies and shrimp were still in abundance.

A swift dip in the pool (after cake) and we retired to desalinate and recharge etc. After that we retired to the bar to even up the crib score a little before dinner.

Dinner was a modest affair consisting of spring rolls, chicken and cashew nuts. Tom mai soup, sweet & sour pork followed by a cheeky creme caramel (Darrall made me do it and Jo didn’t stop him!).

New guests have just arrived. Swelling the numbers to mahoosive 6 in total, more on them tomorrow when Jo is back at the helm!