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Diving day Three

Breakfast #1 done, we retire to our room for 30mins R&R before diving at 7.30. We rush out the door to find that it’s been put back to 8.00 so 30 mins of poolside sun is enjoyed.

Before long we make the lengthy trek (5m) from the pool to the dive centre and meet up with our antipodean friends ( Daryl and Dianne) and head out on the boat to TK2.

A long and pleasant bimble around outcrops of civilisation including eels, boxer shrimps, cardinal fish, anemone fish, tiger shrimp and lots of other stuff. 93 minutes later (94 for Jo) we surface some distance from our ride home. Nonsix (one of our guides) summons it with a whistle and it is very quickly powering towards us bearing gifts which include hot flannels, dry towels and fresh fruit.

Shortly afterwards we arrive back at base where we consume too much breakfast (hopefully we will have sorted out the food ordering before the end of our trip so that we can eat sensible portions instead of the piles that they currently bring out to us!).

 duowould seem that someone in the kitchen has a sense of humor this morning, I am sure that I just ordered gougons of fish with eggs and Bacon!

 The pool this morning.
OK, 10 mins until the next dive, I am sure my parents said that I had to wait an hour after eating before going for a swim!
Dive on AerPrang (Jo’s 1100th dive) several nice nudies and a wonderpuss and now it’s time for lunch (more food!).

Noisy here after lunch:


The afternoon dive was another much dive on a site that we have not fine before. More critters revealed themselves along with some fish porn!

Back to the jetty for doughnuts and a dip in the pool, a camera service and a quick rest before dinner.

Jo will be adding a short piece momentarily (pun intended).


After the third dive of the day, Richard and I decided to have a dip in the pool. I was in the pool and as Richard is getting in the pool, I notice a very obvious monkey moment…

Richard has his shorts on back to front and has for the whole dive.

Funny? Yes, but not as funny as what enshewed thereafter…

Thinking the best option was for  him to do a little swapperoo in the pool whilst no-one was around…

He couldn’t  image the panic that was brewing. Shorts came off no problem, at which point they seem to obtain a life of their own, rolling up into a tangle, outer shorts and inner short becoming a knot.  As time started to pass the tension rose, the panic started…

In a high strangled voice Richard screeched, ‘Jo hide me’, to which my response was to hold my arms wide saying in a loud voice, ‘NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS!’ whilst I pissed myself laughing.

After some more agonising moments, Richard managed to sorted himself out and no-one was any the wiser. Something to keep just between us.