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SBSR Dive Day 9

Well, not too sure what happened to last night… Sitting on the varanda, playing crib and waiting for Barry and Judy to appear, then had to rest my head on the table, then had to return to the room. 5:45pm!

Missed dinner and slept through to Richard woke me up this morning. Almost twelve hours…

Looks like a beautiful day.

We are doing two dives on Little Lembeh this morning. Nice! Shame I had to do some foot stamping, but there we are. I am kind of all walled out at the moment and I am really looking forward to a gentle bimble.

Dives #1 and #2

Little Lembeh

We saw lots!

  • Two octopi
  • A wonderpus
  • Frogfish
  • So many seahorses that you don’t bother to tell each other
  • Porcelain crabs
  • Upside down jellyfish
  • Shaun the sheep nudis

We had lunch under the trees followed by a quick turnaround for the third dive.

Dive #3

Baluarte to the mooring

We saw:

  • Huge red mantis shrimps
  • Nudis, all sorts
  • Turtle
  • Flat fish

Time for getting the photos off camera, and now pre dinner drinks on the veranda.