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Diving Officer Latest News



4th May, Teapot, we now have plankton!, 2M visibility and 12 DegC

1st May, Selsey moorings, replaced Selsey Divers buoy, still poor visibility

26th April, Outer Mulberry, replaced chain and buoy, 3M visibility and 10DegC

14th April, Selsey Moorings, no visibility, replaced bridle on mooring

9th February, Stoney Cove, 6DegC but quite good visibility


4th to  9th October,  Siddhartha resort, Bali, another great week of diving 

27th September, to 2nd October, Lembongan Island, Bali, a great week of diving 

14th September, Selsey Moorings, time to remove Freedom’s mooring chain for the winter

10th September, Selsey Moorings, training dive in 6M visibility – nice!

9th September, Tanks and Dozers – still flat calm seas, no wind and a great dive, visibility 5 to 6M

7th September, Teapot – flat calm seas, no wind and a great dive, visibility down to 4M

3rd September, Waldrons drift dive, visibility not great at 3M, sea temp still 19DegC 

2nd September, Outer Mulberry, teaming with fish life 

29th August, HMS Pine, lobster pot recovery in a nice 5M visibility

27th August, Teapot, weather a bit rough but a great dive as always

24th August, Shirala, 5 to 6M vis and plenty of marine life 

23rd August, SS Ariel and SS Indiana on Channel Diver, great weather and dives 

20th August, Outer Mulberry – vis dropped to 4M

15th August, Outer Mulberry – still good vis at 5 to 6M – nice

21st July, Outer Mulberry – much better vis at 5 to 6M – nice

9th July, Shirala – again only 3M vis but plenty of marine life 

8th July, HMS Pine, 3M vis which was a bit disappointing 

22nd June A week away in Dorset, drift diving off Kimmeridge and 2 dives on Scimitar from Portland – Gertrude and St Dunston, both excellent dives with 4 to 6M visibility.

17th June, Waldrons drift dive, more Scallops 17DegC and 3 to 4M vis

16th June, Waldrons drift dive, plenty of Scallops 17DegC and 4 to 5M vis

12th June, Outer Mulberry after relentless Easterly winds, 6M vis – nice

24th April, Selsey Moorings still only .5M visibility and a slight improvement in the 11DegC water temp

8th April, Selsey Moorings only .5M visibility and 10DegC water temp

3rd March, Stoney Cove 3 to 4M visibility but freezing cold at 6DegC! 


10th December, Mulberry 2 to 3M visibility, removed buoy for winter maintenance

10th October to 16th October, club trip to the Red Sea, a great week on Whirlwind

24th September, Selsey moorings, removed club mooring chains in 6 to 8M visibility

18th September, Gascony 5 to 6M visibility, one of the best dives this year

17th September, LC, Cuckoo and Mulberry 8M visibility much better on a flat calm day

10th September, Mulberry 2 to 3M visibility

3rd September, Teapot 4 to 5M visibility

21st August, Teapot 4 to 5M visibility 

20th August, LC, Cuckoo and Mulberry 4 to 5M visibility better with the sun shinning

19th August, LC, Cuckoo and Mulberry 4M visibility and a bit murky

7th August, HMS Pine, 4 to 5M visibility, a great dive that we hadn’t visited for several years

6th August, Mixon Hole, 5 to 6M visibility but not much in the way of fish life

30th July, Outer Mulberry, 4 to 5M visibility

23rd July, Teapot, better visibility than last dive here, 3 to 4M

21st July, Northcoates, selsey moorings in 4 to 5M visibility

10th July, Teapot, 2-3M still disappointing visibility but plenty of fish life

9th July, Northcoates, 2-3M disappointing visibility, still enjoyed the dive

30th June, Treveal dive out of Kimmeridge, 5 to 6M visibility, thick kelp covers wreck site.

28th June, second dive in Portland Harbour on the Countess, usual poor visibility at 2M.

28th June, Binnendijk (Benny) dive out of Portland on Scimitar, great dive in 4 to 5M visibility.

2nd June, Cuckoo, Outer Mulberry, visibility 5 to 6M, nice dive and a John Dory seen.

12th June, The Waldrons, plenty of Scallops on this dive.

2nd June, Cuckoo, Landing Craft and Mulberry, visibility getting better at 4 to 5M.

28th May, Waldrons Drift dive, plenty of Scallops, when will the Plankton go?

22nd May, Outer Mulberry, HW slack dive, visibility still poor. 

14th May, Mulberry Obstruction, Nudibranch city! but very poor visibility.

7th May, Teapot, Plankton reduced the visibility to 2-3M but still good dive.

3rd May, Selsey Moorings, a pleasant dive in 4 to 5M visibility, Dog Fish everywhere.

2nd May, Brack Bay Landing Craft, poor visibility, wreck well broken up now. 

1st May, Outer Mulberry, replaced mooring buoy and chain, visibility only 3 to 4M.

29th April, Selsey Moorings, replaced Freedom’s mooring chains and buoy, 4 to 5M visibility.

14th April, Selsey Moorings, replaced Freedom’s mooring chains and buoy, poor visibility.

March 2022, club trip to the Maldives, 1 week on Emperor Leo and 1 week on Ellaidhoo, excellent diving with lots of the big fish, Mantas, Whale Sharks and  Eagle Rays.


24th October 2021, Outer Mulberry, removed club mooring buoy and chain, visibility only 2 to 3M

16th October 2021, Teapot, late in the year but the visibility still good at 4 to 5M

09th October 2021, Selsey Moorings, clearing fouled propeller and removing club mooring chains and buoys

26th September 2021, Selsey Moorings, checking trawler ground chain and bridle

26th September 2021, again out on the Outer Mulberry, Landing Craft and Cuckoo, 6 to 7M visibility

25th September 2021, Outer Mulberry, Landing Craft and Cuckoo , visibility now dropped to 6M

19th September 2021, Outer Mulberry, Landing Craft and Cuckoo in perfect visibility – 8 to 10M

12th September 2021, Outer Mulberry, lots of fish life on this early dive

4th September 2021, Patch Landing Craft, 7 to 8M visibility

3rd September 2021, Tanks and Dozers, 5 to 6M visibility – a great dive

21st August 2021, Selsey Moorings then the Mulberry, rough ride back in SSE winds

20th August 2021, Outer Mulberry, stunning visibility – at least 10M, so much life to see 

14th August 2021, Shirala, only 3M but a great dive on one of our favourite wrecks

1st August 2021, Teapot (Brigitta), only 3M visibility!, rough on the surface after the dive – our Summer!

25th July 2021, Outer Mulberry, 6 to 7M visibility, a search for the small stuff with the camera

22nd July 2021, Outer Mulberry, 7 to 8M visibility, plenty of fish life and first dive this year in a wet suit!

18th July 2021, Teapot (Brigitta), 6 to 7M visibility, plankton now in the water, good dive

17th July 2021, HMT Northcoates, 3 to 4M visibility at 28M, excellent dive and then a quick dive on the Mulberry where the vis was much better

9th July 2021, Outer Mulberry, 3 to 4M visibility, plenty of fish life

3rd July 2021, Tanks and Dozers, 3 to 4M visibility which was disappointing and a bit rough on the surface

26th June 2021, Outer Mulberry, 6 to 7M visibility, another hour underwater – just love it!

24th June 2021, Mulberry, Landing Craft and Cuckoo, Dolphins in the distance on site, 6 to 7M visibility

20th June 2021 Patch Landing Craft, water temp today 17DegC, 5 to 6M visibility, good to go back to this site

19th June 2021 HMS Pine, water temp now 15DegC and a nice 5 to 6M visibility

11th June Kimmeridge for a few days, great diving on the Black Hawk and Kimmeridge Ledges

5th June 2021 Teapot, excellent dive, loads of fish life including free swimming Congers

4th June 2021, Britsum, great dive 7 to 8M visibility but still cold at 12DegC

31st May 2021, Outer Mulberry, an early morning dive, Dolphins on site, 6M visibility

30th May 2021, Brack Bay Landing Craft, no surprises with the very poor visibility at 1M

29th May 2021, Outer Mulberry, Visometer now back in place, 5M visibility and the water is warming up at 12DegC

14th May 2021, Outer Mulberry, replaced the upper mooring buoy and chain, a nice 6 to 7M visibility and the water is warming up at 11DegC

3rd May 2021, Selsey Moorings, a dive before the storm!, replaced a mooring chain on one of the local boats

1st May2021, second dive of the day on the Mulberry, plankton reducing the vis to 2-3M

1st May 2021, Selsey Moorings, replaced RIB mooring buoy and chain, a nice 7M visibility

30th April 2021, Outer Mulberry, dive to reinstate the buoy after refurbishment, 2 to 3M visibility with a sea temp of 9DegC, still need to fit the new upper chain

14th April 2021, Outer Mulberry, dive to remove the buoy for refurbishment, 2 to 3M visibility with a sea temp of 7DegC

4th April 2021, Selsey Moorings, back in the sea and diving! 3 to 4M visibility, refitted the Freedom mooring, good dive


18th October 2020, Selsey Moorings, at best 3M visibility, removed the Freedom mooring for winter maintenance.

11th October 2020, Selsey Moorings, 4 to 5M visibility, removed the RIB mooring for winter maintenance.

Diving Officer  – 22nd September 2020, Selsey Moorings, only .5M visibility, a poor dive

Diving Officer  – 13th September 2020, Britsum, 6 to 8M visibility, 17DegC, great dive with always something to find

Diving Officer  – 11th September 2020, Teapot, 4 to 5M visibility, 17DegC, a flat calm sea this morning, great dive on our favourite wreck site

Diving Officer  – 10th September 2020, Shirala,  4 to 5M visibility, 17DegC, a fresh NE wind today but visibility still quite good, plenty of marine life on the wreck

Diving Officer  – 5th September 2020, Outer Mulberry, 2 to 3M visibility, 17DegC, next dive we shall be removing the plaque for renovation

Diving Officer  – 4th September 2020, Selsey Moorings, 2 to 3M visibility, 17DegC, lots of interesting stuff on this dive

Diving Officer  – 17th August 2020, Outer Mulberry, 6 to 8M visibility, 20DegC, another early start today and at last the re- roping exercise is now complete, chain introduced on line to prevent chafing.

Diving Officer  – 16th August 2020, Outer Mulberry, best visibility of the year 10 to 15M, 20DegC, early (0615) start today, what a great dive.

Diving Officer  – 15th August 2020, Tanks and Dozers, at least 8 to 10M visibility, 19DegC, visibility reduced as many divers on the site, looks like a site which our club discovered 30+ years ago is now visited regularly by other groups.

Diving Officer  – 15th August 2020, The Park – drift dive 18DegC.

Diving Officer  – 14th August 2020, Shirala, 5 to 6M visibility, 18DegC, great dive, wreck is breaking up more since our last dive at this site.

Diving Officer  – 8th/9th August 2020, Brigitta (Teapot), 3 to 4M visibility, 17DegC, disappointing visibility on the dive, water seems gin clear at other sites.

Diving Officer  – 6th August 2020, Outer Mulberry, 4 to 5M visibility, 18DegC, still working on re-attaching the Cuckoo to Mulberry line

Diving Officer  – 23rd July 2020, Outer Mulberry, 5 to 6M visibility (HW slack), 17DegC, work started on re-attaching the Cuckoo to Mulberry line

Diving Officer  – 18th July 2020, Outer Mulberry, 7 to 8M visibility, 16DegC, early (0615) start today

Diving Officer  – 17th July 2020, Outer Mulberry, 7 to 8M visibility, 16DegC, baby Cuttle Fish on the dive

Diving Officer  – 13th July 2020, Teapot, 5 to 6M visibility, 16DegC

Diving Officer  – 12th July 2020, Britsum, 5 to 6M visibility, 16DegC, great dive

Diving Officer  – 11th July 2020, Outer Mulberry, 5 to 6 visibility, 16DegC – Red Gurnard seen on the dive

Diving Officer  – 11th July 2020, Teapot, 5 to 6M visibility, 16DegC

Diving Officer  – 18th June 2020, North End, Outer Owers, 6M visibility, 15DegC

Diving Officer  – 17th June 2020, Outer Owers, 6M visibility, 13DegC

Diving Officer  – 10th June 2020, COVID19 still with us, so it’s still shore diving at Selsey and an early start (0530 with social distancing observed). 4M visibility and 15DegC, 2 small Cuttle Fish and plenty of Dog Fish on the dive

Diving Officer  – 4th June 2020, Selsey East Beach moorings 6M visibility and a toastie 17DegC

Diving Officer  – 30th May 2020, COVID19 had stopped us diving – until today! At last a dive from the shore at Selsey East Beach moorings (with social distancing observed). 3 to4M visibility and a toastie 16DegC

Diving Officer  – 15th February 2020, NDC Chepstow, 7DegC at 28M, visibility 5M, much better than our last visit

Diving Officer  – 11th January 2020, NDC Chepstow, first dive of 2020, 8DegC at 28M but disappointing visibility at 3M


Diving Officer  – 2nd November, Club holiday Red Sea – Deep South, a great week

Diving Officer  – 6th October, NDC Chepstow, training day

Diving Officer  – 8th September, Britsum, good dive

Diving Officer  – 7th September, Patch Landing Craft, very poor visibility

Diving Officer  – 1st September, Outer Mulberry, tidying up the site

Diving Officer  – 31st August, Mulberry D Day circuit, 5M visibility

Diving Officer  – 26th August, Britsum, at last some decent visibility on the wreck site, joined by a Dolphin at 6M

Diving Officer  – 25th August, Teapot a really good dive

Diving Officer  – 3rd August, Outer Mulberry, poor visibility again

Diving Officer  – 26th and 27th July, a weekend away at Kimmeridge diving the Black Hawk

Diving Officer  – 13th July, Mixon, a very hot morning, nice visibility

Diving Officer  – 12th July, Teapot in fresh NW winds, 5M visibility

Diving Officer  – 7th July, Bracklesham Bay Landing Craft, poor visibility.

Diving Officer  – 6th July, Outer Mulberry,  great visibility.

Diving Officer  – 22nd June, Emsstrom, Torbay, very poor visibility and a disappointing dive

Diving Officer  – 2nd June, Outer Mulberry, replaced mooring shackle, still great visibility.

Diving Officer  – 1st June, Outer Mulberry, 10M visibility, re-positioned ropes to landing craft and Cuckoo

Diving Officer  – 26th May, Outer Mulberry, excellent dive, need to re-rope to landing craft

Diving Officer  – 25th May, Britsum, at last the vis has returned (8M) great dive

Diving Officer  – 19th May, Outer Mulberry, thick plankton so very poor visibility

Diving Officer  – 18th May, Brack Bay landing, very poor visibility

Diving Officer  – 12th May, Selsey Moorings, so change in the visibility

Diving Officer  – 11th May, aircraft propeller dive, club project to follow

Diving Officer  – 10th May, Selsey Moorings, still thick plankton so very poor visibility

Diving Officer  – 6th May, Outer Mulberry, thick plankton so very poor visibility

Diving Officer  – 20th April, Club holiday to Penzance, only 4 dives over the week

Diving Officer  – 5th April, Stoney Cove, cold but very poor vis in the shallows, 5M deeper

Diving Officer  – 10th February, Club holiday (second week) to Sangat, great wreck diving

Diving Officer  – 2nd February, Club holiday to Malapascua, great diving


Diving Officer  – 1st October, Club holiday to Alvor, Portugal, 8 great dives

Diving Officer  – 28th December, NDC Chepstow, 2 dives in excellent visibility

Diving Officer  – 26th October, Stoney Cove, warm but very poor vis deeper than 10M

Diving Officer  – 21st October, Outer Mulberry, great dive 4 to 5M vis

Diving Officer  – 1st October, Club holiday to Alvor, Portugal, 8 great dives

Diving Officer  – 15th September, Shirala, great dive 5M vis

Diving Officer  – 8th September, Outer Mulberry, great dive 6 to 7M vis

Diving Officer  – 6th September, Teapot, great dive and we recovered the ship’s bell! 10M vis

Diving Officer  – 2nd September, Teapot, great dive and we found the ship’s bell! 4-5M vis

Diving Officer  – 1st September, Outer Mulberry, great dive 7M vis

Diving Officer  – 31st August, Outer Mulberry, Cuckoo and L Craft great dive 4-5M vis

Diving Officer  – 17th August, Outer Mulberry, great dive 6M vis

Diving Officer  – 11th August, Outer Mulberry, still very poor vis, 2M at best

Diving Officer  – 4th August, Prince Leopold, a very dark dive, 3M vis with a torch

Diving Officer  – 3rd August, Tanks and Dozers visibility very poor 2 to 3M at best

Diving Officer  – 27th July, Outer Mulberry Harbour 5M visibility with a free light show on the surface

Diving Officer  – 20th to 22nd July, club trip to Kimmeridge, 4 dives in perfect conditions

Diving Officer  – 14th and 15th July, Outer Mulberry Harbour 7M visibility with 20DegC underwater temperature

Diving Officer  – 12th July, D Day Heritage trail finished off, cleaning old ropes and rubbish away – good visibility

Diving Officer  – 8th July, Tanks and Dozers 20M, 6 to 8M visibility, 3 machines could be seen from the anchor!

Diving Officer  – 7th July, Gascony 26M, 6 to 8M visibility again in flat calm sea conditions, will it last?

Diving Officer  – 6th July, War Helmet 27M, 6 to 8M visibility in flat calm sea conditions

Diving Officer  – 24th June, Mixon at least 10M visibility, shame about the discarded rubbish at the 22m mark, will get a team to clean it up!

Diving Officer  – 23rd June, Teapot 16M – 8M visibility, wreck continues to break up at stern

Diving Officer  – 17th June, Britsum, 6-8M visibility, great dive

Diving Officer  – 16th June, Outer Mulberry, updating the D Day trail, good vis at 6M

Diving Officer  – 9th June, HMS Sapper 29M, loads of marine life and good vis

Diving Officer – 8th June, sorry must keep this page updated!  Britsum, great dive, at last the visibility is improving and no weed over the wreck site, engine con rod still sits high above the rest of the wreckage


Diving Officer  – 14th October, Mixon Hole and Moorings, 3 to 4M visibility in good sea conditions

Diving Officer  – 23rd September, Mulberry again on Spring tides, slightly better visibility than last week but still rubbish

Diving Officer  – 16th September, no diving for 2 weeks so back on the Mulberry and only 1-2M visibility

Diving Officer  – 2nd September, Shirala best dive of the year!, visibility a stunning 8M and flat calm seas.

Diving Officer  – 27th and 28th July, Drift diving and the Tanks and Dozers, great weekend but visibility only 2-3M

Diving Officer  – 18th July, high winds so down to Swanage Pier, visibility only 3M but a good dive

Diving Officer  – 8th and 9th July, Mulberry, Cuckoo and Landing craft this weekend, 4-5M visibility

Diving Officer  – 1st and 2nd July, Sapper and Teapot diving this weekend, visibility still improves

Diving Officer  – 17th and 18th June, At last flat calm seas and hot sunshine, Teapot diving this weekend 3-5M visibility and 15degC – perfect

Diving Officer  – 3rd June, Outer Mulberry Harbour, WNW fresh winds and border line for diving, sea temp now 15 degC but fish life still a bit sparse. Plankton still thick in the water reducing the visibility to between 1 and 3M

Diving Officer  – 19th – 21st May, a camping trip to Dorset, diving out of Kimmeridge, what a great weekend, visibility on the Black Hawk 8 to 10M

Diving Officer  – 14th – 21st April, club holiday in Penzance. 9 dives on 8 wrecks, flat calm seas on most days with really good underwater visibility.

Diving Officer  – 7th and 8th April, back in the sea!, Outer Mulberry Harbour 4 to 5M visibility with a water temperature of 10degC

Diving Officer  – 17th February, back at the NDC Chepstow, great day out, 7DegC in and out of the water

Diving Officer –  27th January, a weekend away at the NDC Chepstow, great visibility at least 15M


Diving Officer  – 29th October, Selsey mooring dive, best visibility this year! 8 to 10M in 6.5M of water on the LW slack.

Diving Officer  – 22nd October, winter is here!, only 6.5 DegC this morning, dived the Teapot on the LW slack, 2 to 3M visibility, plenty of marine life and we had a good dive.

Diving Officer  – 23rd September, Kimmeridge, 2 dives on the Black Hawk and Treveal

Diving Officer  – 13th August, Plymouth weekend, 4 really good dives in Visibility ranging from 10 to 15M

Diving Officer  – 30th July, Teapot 4 to 5M visibility today, really good dive

Diving Officer  – 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th July, Teapot, Mixon, Moorings and Drift diving, at last the visibility has improved

Diving Officer  – 25th and 26th July 2016, Shirala and Pine, 2 to 3 M visibility, both good dives but still waiting for the vis to improve

Diving Officer – 18th and 19th June 2016, club weekend away in Dorset, 3 great dives – Ledges drift, Black Hawk and Treveal – up to 10M visibility, at last the Plankton bloom seems to have dispersed.

Diving Officer – 11th June 2016, dived the Teapot today and I am pleased to report that the visibility has improved slightly, 2 to 3M on the wreck. The afternoon dive on the Outer Mulberry wasn’t quite so good, only 1m vis at best.

Diving Officer – 5th June 2016, diving in Selsey this weekend. The Plankton bloom reduced visibility to a little under 1M on the Bracklesham Bay Landing Craft on Saturday where cuttlefish and dogfish were spotted. On Sunday, a little under 2m visibility on the Outer Mulberry with Nudibranchs, Pollock, crab and lobster.

Diving Officer – 1st May 2016, great diving in Selsey this weekend, Teapot and Shirala, 4 to 5M underwater visibility even with the Plankton bloom

Diving Officer – 16th April 2016, visibility improving with a couple of metres in the moorings today

Diving Officer – Easter March 2016,poor weather conditions this year down in Penzance, only managed 3 dives and only one of these were worth the effort

Diving Officer – 28th February 2016 – Sea conditions still very rough, so the only diving is at the Chepstow dive centre, great weekend last month


Diving Officer – 30th October 2015, 12 of us fresh back from Grenada, great holiday with 25 dives, best 2 wrecks – Bianca C and Hema 1

Diving Officer – 4th October 2015, HMS Pine, at last some decent visibility on this wreck, well 4 to 5M, so not bad!

Diving Officer – 19th September 2015, very poor visibility on the Teapot today.

Diving Officer – 29th August 2015,Outer Mulberry Harbour, plaque now mounted just south of the mooring point, photos to follow

Brack Bay Landing Craft, wreck now breaking up badly round the stern section

Diving Officer – 1st August 2015, Brack Bay Landing Craft, wreck now breaking up badly round the stern section

Diving Officer – 18th July 2015, Outer Mulberry, work has now started on mounting a plaque as part of the heritage trail

Diving Officer – 14th June 2015, excellent visibility on the Teapot

Diving Officer – 3rd May 2015,Strong ESE winds so diving transfered to Chepstow NDC,visibility poor in the shallows but at least 8M at 26M