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SBSR Dive Day 10

Another sunny and wind free start to the day.

Napantao is the first dive, a stunning wall in an MPA with loads of fish n stuff. Wide angle for me, macro for Jo. Not sure what the other dives are yet though I expect that all will be revealed at breakfast which is where we are heading right now!

All was indeed revealed, Napantao North and South then in the afternoon, a site called Tambo which I have no knowledge of.

Oops, eggs on toast with bacon, they were lovely!

This mornings dives were lovely, for me the highlight was the second one, Napantao South which was spent traversing a wall from the bottom to the top, amazing colours and all the fish in the world!

The dive ended in a maze of narrow swim throughs, and the mother of all nudi’s, after which I then found the father of the mother of all nudi’s, mahoosive.

The weather remains insanely lovely and uber hot, sizzling of flesh.

Lunch will be BLT and stir fried Bok Choi.

Some of us pushed the boat out a little further and had a Mango Float, scrummy.

This afternoon’s dive was Santa Sofia, then back to base (via a brief whaleshark sighting) and we make our way down to Padre Burgos jetty for the famous night dive.

The journey down to the pier is quite exciting, they have a tiny flat back truck, we all sit on the back of the truck whilst the trailer is loaded with all our gear.

The journey is only five minutes or so but it’s an exciting ride to say the least.

On the dive there is no disappointment as we see octopus, ornate ghost pipe fish, squid, nudibranch and loads of other stuff.

We head back to base for dinner and drinks, login’ and bloggin’.

I have a small bowl of freshly chopped red chili just to spice things up a little which, as it turned out, it was insanely hot!

After half an hour, things calm down sufficiently and be head back to our room in order to pass out completely.