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SBSR Dive Day 11

We are still here. Enjoying the diving, the sunshine and the food.

Aiming for just three dives today followed by tea at Alma and Jerry’s.

We are headed to Limisawa Island his morning, for the beautiful Zak’s Cove and the even more beautiful Adrian’s Cove.

Here are some more pictures from outside the resort…

What a wonderful morning.

Two fabulous dives, excellent weather and great company.

Once we got on the boat this morning, we had a delay as they were waiting for a 50% nitrox mix for a staging tank, for a group of very nice Chinese divers who are doing deep dives on air and switching to 50% at 18 metres for accelerated off gasing. We were getting hotter and hotter, so we had a little dip off the boat. Heaven! I do believe that Mr J was to, in a Tom Jones style, keep his hat on.

Dive #1

Zak’s Cove

Camera failure! Battery issue. So no picture taking for me. Still a lovely time. Very gentle current. We did the wall at about 26 metres for 30 minutes then back at about 15 metres and finally on the top for our stops.

Saw a colour changing scorpionfish. When it was swimming it was red, by the time Richard took a photograph it was pink and beige mottled colours.

Here are some shots from our surface interval…

On the boat so far, we have had chocolate and orange, Oreo type biscuits… Contain milk! On closer inspection only the biscuit, not the orange cream. So, I have been eating the centres and Richard the biscuit. Today we have frootees. No milk! Yay! I can eat the whole thing!! 😄

Dive #2

Adrian’s Cove

Super dive. Along the wall at 20 metres and back at about 10 metres. Lots of ins and outs and a swim through at 20 metres. A turtle on the top of the reef. Richard found a spoon. I scared the turtle, by mistake.

Here are some shots of Adrian’s Cove.

Some happy divers 😄😄

I am noticing that I say, wonderful this, beautiful that, a lot.

Sorry! But it is!!

Lunch was good. A BLT baggette for me, Richard and Judy had an egg plant omelette and Barry has a banana split.

It was soooo hot this afternoon. The air-conditioning in our room is shite! With it on for an hour, the temperature was 32.8! Phew! Went for a swim. Waved to Barry and Judy who were sitting on their balcony.

In fact, it was so hot when we were waiting for the tea tray to take us out to the boat, that Judy said that she would swim to it instead. Dave told her to wait a bit as she wouldn’t be able to get on the boat, as the ladder wasn’t down. Unless, of course, she was a little white monkey…?

Dive #3

From the mooring down to about 17 metres, in a circle and back to the boat.

We found the current fish.

Back on shore and only an hour to get gear washed, pictures off camera and a rest before we are heading off to Alma and Jerry’s for tea.

So, such an excellent tea. We are really trying very hard to try different things, well, some of us are.

To start… Lumpia and calamari.

For mains, spicy coconut veg with fish, chicken halang halang, chicken with pineapple and sweet and sour pork, all with special fried rice. Meant to take a photo but we dug in much too quickly.

This really is just like having the best Chinese/Philippine takeaway, every night. Fabulous!

Back in our room now, much cooler only 29.6 degrees.

We’re feeling hot, hot, hot!