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SBSR Dive Day 8

Another hot one!

Just the four of us this morning, flat calm, super warm (ok it’s only 30 degrees right now but it is only 7.00am)

Today’s plan is to shoot across the bay to dive Santa Paz and Ollie’s wall, which is where we saw yellow pygmy seahorses recently. We’ll be back for lunch then pick up another guest for the afternoon dive, 5 on the boat, however shall we cope?

We are a little early for breakfast though someone has their mug of tea already!

We have retreated indoors where a fan is providing some relief from the heat whilst we eagerly await our eggs on toast.

Breakfast completed we make our way on board for the trip across the bay.

First dive, we make our way down and across to the pinnacle. We are bimbling around the north outside part when a whale shark cruises past quite close to us. We all get a good look at the thing and it heads off in to the blue. The next thing I know is Pedro tugging at my fin, I turn around and the shark is back performing a sweeping turn between Barry and Jo, nice.

The rest of the dive, lots of lovely stuff with all the usual suspects including cuttlefish and s pair of devil scorpion fish (ugly buggers). We end the dive under the boat then it’s back on board for coffee, biscuits and water melon.

The boat is moved along the coast ready for the next dive which is on Ollie’s Wall. We descend to about 27m to look for pygmy seahorses in yellow sea fan. A couple of frogfish nearby provided additional entertainment.

Other critters included Ornate Ghost Pipe fish and some more nice nudi’s.

Back on board we head back to land for a light lunch including BLT and egg mayo baguettes, clear soup with noodles and a stirfry Sayote, yum.

Now we have an hour to work up the size of said shark though our guide Pedro is thinking a baby at 5m (Baby Shark de de de de-de-de).

Thus far today’s weather has been hot hot hot with little more than a gentle breeze to cool things down a little. Much exposure of flesh has resulted in some slight soreness in various places, I have resorted to wearing a hat and tee shirt on the boat which does nothing to cool me down but has reduced the sizzling somewhat 🌞🌡️🌞🌡️🌞🌡️🌞

Back on board and it’s still hot hot hot.

About 5 minutes later we are ready to jump at Baluarte and enjoy a bimble starting at around 28m and slowly make our way through coral outcrops all the way back to the mooring about 70 minutes later.

Back to shore and within moments we have everything rinsed and hung out to dry or plugged in for charging.

And so to the Red Horse and lively discussion regarding the days events!

Back to Almar and Jerries tonight where I fully expect the old favourites will feature highly amongst our choices.

A quiet evening on the water.

Jo’s on a large gin and Sprite, night night Jo.

And as for dinner, the difference between enough Lumpia for three (what we asked for) and three portions of Lumpia (what we got) is far from subtle.