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Moalboal / Sangat Day three, first diving day

It is beautiful here… 

Everything is so nicely designed and kept up together. 

The dive centre is large enough to house the ten of us and other divers. Everything has its place. 

We did three dives today. 

DIVE 1 – Kasai House Reef

A wall dive just off the jetty from the dive resort. 

An abundance of life was to be found including nudis, shrimps, all sorts of fish. A red mantis shrimp. 

DIVE 2 – Dolphin House Reef

Another wall, very slightly sloped. 

We saw lots.

Yellow ornate ghost pipefish in a yellow featherstar

A flock of squid

A shoal of very blue anthias

DIVE 3 – Kopton

A plane on a sandy bottom at about 20 metres.

Rough on top and a fair bit of unexpected current on top.

As well as the plane, ornate ghost pipefish and various shrimps and crabs we seen. 
After the dive we met in the beach bar where it was Red Horse beer for most.  
Others however had cocktails.

We went for our dinner. Foid is amazing and no one is expecting to lose weight on this holiday. 

After tea… 

Tony won the Spanky award for a number of gear failures. This is not something we expect to be repeated.
And just to make sure that you are reading to the end….


Here is a video of Malc doing his grandad dancing…