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Moalboal /Sangat, Day 2, The Arrival

We have arrived! A long old trip. Pretty much all went according to plan although one of our party wasn’t up to their normal bubbly self. 

I think it all started the night before the trip. Yes have another drink, you’ll be fine, was the order of the evening… And so things were, at the beginning. The quick nip into the bar before boarding, followed by unlimited free drinks on the Heathrow to Dubai fligh, took it’s toll on some in the party. But a teetotal Dubai to Cebu flight and a nap sorted things out.

A variety of films were watched, the most popular being Life and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

We waited a while at passport control which meant that our bags were all ready in baggage reclaim, so no waiting.  Outside the airport, Tata was waiting to whisk us off to Kasai Village Resort.

A quick three and a half hour transfer meant we arrive at the resort in time for dinner. Food was lovely. Can’t see any weight being lost on this holiday. Red Horse Beer, at 6.9% vol was the beverage of choice. 

Nipped in to the beach side bar before bed. Beautiful. Sandy floor with the occasional hermit crab moving across it. 

The resort is in the middle of nowhere so apart from the lights in the Resort everything looks very black. Can’t waiting to see what it looks light on the daylight.

The rooms are huge. The double bed in about seven feet across. The shower is about the size of a family saloon. 

Goodnight. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.