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Anilao 2019 – diving day #3

So far so good, up a little early today and just spent an hour on the balcony listening to the cockerels again!

It’s light now the sea is flat and only a slight suggestion of air movement.

No idea where we are going today though I feel confident that water will be involved.

New to the resort this year are a series of motivational though diving related signs, you know the type, seize the day and that kind of thing.I shall endeavour to include some in the blog, here is today’s:Inspirational indeed, more to follow.In the way out to the first dive:Dive #9, Daryl Laut.This is ‘the wreck’ which is the remains of an old floating casino. Lots of nudis and a lot of steel work which is covered with corals (soft and hard) as well as all sorts of life.

Dive #10, Sombrero.This is a large area hiding behind an island and consists mostly of hard corals, all of which are covered in all sorts of life. The area is also absolutely full of fish.At 88 minutes, our longest dive so far.

Back for lunch, I had burger and fries (love the local food) whilst Jo had B.L.T.

Back to the room for a swift look at some pictures and some R&R before the three o’clock dive. Perhaps I’ll just take in the view for a moment:Ok view taken!

Dive #11, Heidi’s Point, this ended up being fairly spectacular. A sandy slope with apparently nothing to see, well, morning except for frog fish, nudibranch, seahorse, flamboyant cuttle fish and all manner of shrimps and crabs. It was a little breezy this afternoon with a bit of wave action at the surface but lovely underneath.

We head back for a mug of hot chocolate in the pool. Jo asked asked for green tea so I made a cup of tea using a tea bag from the green box. Apparently this was not what was ordered, I had made mint tea as it turns out!Before long we are back in for the night dive.

Dive #12, vivyra?

Another sandy slope with not much to see expect nudis, crabs, shrimps and all the usual night time fodder.

Back on dry land it’s time for tea. We have just enough time for a swift Red Horse and a rum based ginger cocktail, lovely.

For tea, it turns out that we had over ordered, that’s so not liked us! Deep fried lumpia, special fried rice, pork sisig and sweet & sour chicken, all very lovely.