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Anilao 2019 – diving day #4

Another beautiful morning. I could show you a picture from the balcony but currently lying on bed after breakfast and really can’t be bothered to move.

Diving at 8:00, no idea where yet. We shall have to wait to see what the day brings…

So far we have had an excellent time. Good diving and good company.

This is the last diving day for Darral, Dianne, Geoff and Sue. 🙁🙁🙁🙁

They have been great company but go back to Aussie tomorrow. Their temperature at home is hotter than it is here. I am sure the same can’t be the same for us.

I seem to be getting on okay with the new camera. Trying different diopters, stacking them and going without on last night’s night dive. Hoping for some very nicely positioned critters today, so that I can try out some different lighting.

Richard is currently reviewing his photos! I know, in the past that has been my job, but when he takes so many more photos that me, I think it is only fair.Here’s a picture of the progress.

Oh, and I also got the balcony shot!

So, he can do it!😄😄

Dive #13 Aqua Garden

Excellent dive. Sandy slope.We saw:

Orangutan crab

Here are some photos from our surface interval…

Dive #14 Sun View

Another excellent dive. So much to see.

Sandy slope and reef with soft corals at the end. water was soooooo warm. Didn’t want to get out!

Pygmy seahorse

Camera going well.

After lunch we go diving again!

Dive #15 Manit School

Sloping coral reef and sand.
We saw:

A huge cuttlefish about 2 feet long
Lots of things to take pictures of

Dive #16 Saim Sum

Night dive

Sandy slope
Bobtail squid
Tiny cuttlefish
Tiny baby painted frogfish (1cm)
Tiny orange frogfish (0.5 cm)