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Anilao 2019 diving day #2

On to our second day of diving.
Yesterday was great. First-time in the water with my new camera.

Got some in focus shots. So far so good.Going to the other Island this morning.

Looks good!

Dive 5 – Coconut PointLittle bit of current. Another muck dive on a sandy slope.

Lots and of shrimps and lots of frogfish.

Shaun the sheep nudis.Feel like I am getting to grips with the camera.

Dive 6 – Secret BayIt would appear that I used the battery up on the previous dive. Short battery life isn’t something that I am used to.

Tried out my new +6 glasses on this dive. Worked really well. could see a lot of detail. Didn’t magnify as much as above water, but still very good.

We saw a couple of clean white seahorses.

Richard got viciously attacked by a fire urchin just for putting his knee on it. Unfair? perhaps not.Lots of shrimps and nudis.

Lovely dive! Shame about the battery!

BLT and club Sandwich for lunch with a side order of Coleslaw.

Dive 7 – House Reef

Stacked my diopters for this dive. added the +5 to the +10. Getting results closer to my old 105mm lense with the +10. it makes taking the photos harder but I think that it will be worth while.

Lots of critters on this dive to take photos of. Slugs, shrimps, lovely tiny bright red shrimp with googly eyes in a hole.

A dip in the pool with hot chocolate and a cup of tea before the night dive.

Here is a picture of the sunset…

Dive 8 – Secret Bay Night Dive

Oh dear +15 diopters are not good in the dark. Took a nice close up picture of a tiny octopus but that was about it.

Richard spent 10-15 mins with two squid. Lovely pictures. Brilliant to see. They weren’t budging, even Richard couldn’t scare then off.

Followed by tea, getting pictures of the camera, and sleep.

Here is a picture of our room door. Frogfish room.