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Wednesday – Day 5

Our day started with the usual pick up at 0750. By popular vote today’s dives were back to the Corvette and the hydrographic vessels.

On the Corvette one group ventured down to the engine room, through the galley and out through the mess.

Corvette engine room.

One of two V12’s.

One piston removed from block.

Dive 2 was another wreck penetration dive with the group swimming through Deck 1 and back up through the bridge, Graham got excited steering the Ship and missed the Octopus sat beside the wheel.

Best 2 dives so far, even though Foxy head butted Elfies cylinder; but unfortunately no Dolphins today.

Guess where we are now.

Spent the afternoon in the pool and sea and Ray was the undefeated champion in the LILO olympics.

Enjoyed a nice meal out whilst watching the sun go down.