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SBSR Dive Day 13

Another beautiful day.

Sun is shining.

Sea is flat.

Arm is swollen.

Got bitten last night. Didn’t scratch it. Double antihistamines. Antihistamine cream and still it looks like this. Currently about 4 inches across. Argghhhhh!

Now… I don’t think that Richard mentioned his reenactment of the opening scene of Tales of the Unexpected, at Alma and Jerry’s last night. I put it down to, the Red Horse. However, I am sure, when we get back, if you ask, he will do it again. He wouldn’t let me video. Shame! Would have made a good post.

We have a special treat today, we are headed across the bay for three dives and a BBQ on the boat. Wonderful. Only concern is the amount of people on the boat. It is going to be ultra busy. Everyone is lovely but it will be sooo busy on the boat and probably underwater too.

We are strategizing.

How to avoid everyone else under water?

Come in June they said… You will be the king and queen. No one else comes in June. Marketing ploy…?

Back to the room after breakfast and it feels so cool. A quick look at the temperature device… 28.8 degrees. It isn’t cool just cooler than outside……….

So, just got back from boat. It’s now about 4:30.

We did three dives.

Dive #1

Santa Paz

Viz was reduced to about 10-15 metres and there was current as well. We went down to about 30 metres on the pinnacle. Spent a bit of time there and then crossed to the wall where we saw a pink pygmy seahorse in a fan at 28 metres. Back up to the top of the reef where we saw a swimming turtle, close up. Good dive.

Dive #2


A muck dive on a sandy slope. I was impressed as I spotted first a tiny black frogfish, less than a centimetre, and then a mimic octopus.

Go me!

We also saw slugs, dark purple shrimps on a cucumber worm and a wonderpus.

Great dive.

Dive #3

Napantao North and South

A very fast current on the north wall, going with it. Got to the bit where we wanted to go up to the top of the reef, down current coming off the reef, swam on a bit and then tried again, still no chance. For the next half an hour we swam against the current. Not impressed, that’s what an SMB is for. On reflection, I believe that there was a reason for this swim… Not to be discussed here.

So that was the diving, but what about the rest of the experience?

All fine. It was busy. The BBQ was delicious.

We had rolls with BBQ pork and coleslaw, made with homemade mayonnaise, BBQ chicken leg, sweet potato, sticky rice cooked in a banana leaf and half a mango.

Very nice and only repeated once or twice on the third dive.

Relaxing now.

Eating at the resort today. Saving our retirement celebration for tomorrow.

Update on my arm.

Swelling nicely now about 6 inches across. Hydrotherapy didn’t seem to cure it. Shame.

Update on the temperature in our room… 31.7 degrees. Feeling hot, hot, hot…

The crew have worked very hard today and they are still working.

The had to get 80 cylinders on and off the boat today plus kit for 25 divers, including the dive guides.

Tea at the resort. Richard had sweet and spicy pineapple pork with rice.

Barry had stir fried rice and I had BLT baggette with chips. Judy decided to go straight to a mango float.

Richard tried to beckon Ann over to order the puds, by summoning the dove from above. Didn’t work!

Richard might not realise it but he keeps singing… Baby shark de de de de. Thank you to our friend Darryl for this! Some things just go and go.

Richard wants me to give an update on crib. The boys trounced the girls by two points!