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Diving Day Nine

A beautiful morning once again, breakfast #1 done, cameras done, time for a little R&R before we head out for the first dive.

Now then, followers of our ramblings may recall my feeble attempt at describing my fruit based concerns a day or so ago and the distraught humor that it created. Well, Darrell and Dianne pulled a few strings and when their airport taxi returned, I was presented with this:

Rambutan heaven!

I have to say that by the time of writing this, the stack does not look quite so imposing!

A very very big thank you to you both for sharing your adventure with us and extra special thanks for the Rambutan, yum.

Off for a spot of diving now, more later.

The first dive of the day Angels Window was spectacular. There is a swim through at around 24 to 27m but the corals on the walls and surrounding rocky outcrops were amazingly colourful.

All back now and breakfast #2 completed. Staying with wife angle (Jo just spotted that it should be wide angle but i shall leave it as it is, should keep her happy for a bit)  for the next dive as we plan to visit nudi falls which is named (obviously) because it is the favourite swim spot for the local naturists oh, and there are slugs there…

We were just about to get ready for diving when Jo spotted a huge grasshopper, it hopped off as she was trying to get a picture of it so she took this one instead:

OK, dive #2, Nudi Falls completed, nipped down to 20m to not find a hairy octopus then spent the rest of the dive on the wall near the surface for some wide angle overload.

Now lunch has arrived!

 glass noodle and seafood salad with spicy Thai dressing, yum.

More wildlife encounters:

 It’s a jungle out there!

Just back from dive #3, Bianca Point (where the Mandarin fish hide). Spent a while with soft corals and bat fish under a wreck then bimbled around to find nudies and several Mandarin fish as well as a couple of orange Frog Fish (no real surprise as they are always in the same place).

Back on dry land for a dip in the pool then off for logging and blogging!

Dinner – when will we start to order less food? Back in the room feeling like a member of Fat B@stard Divers! Can’t get comfortable, I’m sure the portions are getting bigger.🍩🍪🍡🍔🍜🍛🍝🍖🍗🌮🍕🍟

Actually I think what I ordered was well within acceptable limits, it was helping Jo out with one of her banana fritters that sent me way over the limit.

I just found out that rain is forecast for tomorrow, fortunately I pinched back a couple of brollies that mysteriously vanished from our chalet the other day, the culprits will arrive at breakfast tomorrow morning – wet 


Jo just reminded me that we played crib before dinner. Previously it was a draw, now we have a leader, and it’s not me! ♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦