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Southern Leyte dive day #3

I have be advised that, before I was awake, one or two dark clouds came over, the other side of the bay disappeared and the reasonable amount of precipitation moved in a horizontal direction. I was also advised that Richard was heroic in his rescue of the shorts and bikini which had been drying outside.

Hmmm…. This is my current view from our bed.

As it turns out…

It has poured all morning. Really poured!

Within minutes of leaving the mooring, the shore was out of sight. The visibility was dreadful. We did, however, make the trip across with no issues.

We did two muck dives this morning.

Dive 1 – Marayag

Sandy bottom, max depth of about 13 metres.

Dive 2 – Marayag

Sandy slope, max depth about 17 metres.

This morning, we saw lots of stuff.

  • A Wonderpus – found by Richard (He was very excited, Richard that is, not the Wonderpus – the Wonderpus was more, OMG what is that!)
  • Mantis shrimps
  • Skeleton shrimps
  • Cuttlefish, medium and small
  • Juvenile box fish, tiny
  • Lots of Juvenile lionfish, about 1cm long

Still pouring on the way back, so very poor viz. Lots of arm waving and gesticulating from the crew to the captain (standard Philippines navigation), allowed us to make our wiggly way back to SBSR, for lunch. 😊😊

Guess what… Still pouring…

Dive 3 – Max Climax 2

This site is just the left of the dive centre looking from the boat. Sand and coral outcrops.

This afternoon it was just Richard and myself with Pedro.

We saw…

  • Large grey frogfish, which had its mouth open
  • Shrimps and stripy crab on red anemone
  • Slugs

An excellent dive.

Current picked up at the end, so came up under an SMB. Turned out we were next to the boat, so we swam back.

It really has been a bad weather day, although we have thoroughly enjoyed the diving.

We are currently thinking about food. What delights shall we be ordering from Alma and Jerry’s tonight?

And a rematch in the crib tournament… Just as well, at the beginning, when I was winning, Richard said we shouldn’t keep count.


One thing I shall try not to do tonight is kick the cat! During our evening meal on the last couple of nights, the resident cat has joined us, under the table (that’s the cat, not us). Unbeknownst to me, thinking my husband was playing footsie with me, I extended my foot in a sharp manner, to suddenly find it being licked. No! Not by Richard!

So anyway, we had a lovely tea and played a game of crib. It was level pegging…

… at the beginning…

Nuff said!

Oh, and I only kicked the cat once. Shame, it’s really very sweet (what I mean is that it is a shame that I kicked that cat at all, NOT that I only kicked it once – blimey, this is getting complicated!). The cat just chooses the wrong table to sit under.