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SBSR Dive Day 15

Well, here we are dive day #15. What to say that we haven’t already said? Not much really. I could take the same pictures as previously to show you how fabulous the weather is. No need, I think.

Today, we are headed to Bunga Bend and Voltaire’s Rock. Two sites quite close to the resort.

Yesterday, there was talk of an expedition to the other side of South Leyte. We all said we would like to go. Leaving early tomorrow morning, doing the dives on the other side. Staying in a municipal and then back the following day doing three dives on the way home. Seven of us have signed up, just need to see if the plans are changed.

I have a couple of concerns, but then again, I always do.

  • It is springs, is there going to be less current on the other side, more or the same
  • All dives appear to be wall dives.
  • Darlene says take your bug spray, I am still suffering. Arm is no better.
  • And everyone is very excited by eating in a Dutch pizzeria. Hmmm, sounds like there may be cheese involved…


It would appear that as I am only half an hour early, that I am late…

Everyone else is ready. No surprise there…

Sorry, couldn’t resist..

Water is so calm…

So lovely…

And another…

Two dives done this morning.

Dive #1

Voltaire’s Rock

Out to a plateau at about 25-30 metres.

Coral outcrops.

Very little current.

Dive #2

Bunga Bend

Down to the window at 30 metres and a large patch of coral covered in nudis at about 28 metres. Then back up to slope against the current.

Excellent first 30 minutes! The rest was hard work although enjoyable.

As these dives were close to the resort we were back early for lunch, leaving a couple of hours before the afternoon’s dive.

After a little snooze, we went for a pleasant dip before the dive. Nice!

The afternoon’s dive was lovely.

Dive #3

Baluarte, by the fish cage only

We decided to stay by the fish cage as this is the only place you can almost guarantee no current.

We dropped in and gradually went down to 20 metres and back up to the shallows at about 4 metres. It was a brilliant bimble. Enjoyed by all.

… And we didn’t see the current fish!.

Back to the room now and Richard has hijacked the laptop to do some work stuff. So I can’t look at the photos. 😞

Out to Alma and Jerry’s for tea. On the way I spotted Barry’s diving suntan… Nice!

To take your mind off that…

Here are a couple of Barry’s photos of the beautiful moon.


The usual for tea, lumpia and calamari to start.

Sweet and sour pork, stir fried veg, and fried rice for main.

Just an update about our extra trip. Now being condensed to one day, Wednesday, as where we were hoping to stay is having a fiesta and fully booked. So, going the other side of the island and going to do some exploration dives. We could find something fantastic or nothing at all.

The room temperature is currently 30.9 degrees and will be trying to sleep soon.

Arm isn’t any worse but it isn’t better either.

Oh, and finally, a picture of Richard spying on other diners at Alma and Jerry’s to find out what they are having for dinner.

Inconspicuous? I think not…