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Philli 8, day 1

After a very very very long and tiring journey, we finaly arrived, from freezing Snow to boiling hotness in flip flops! All transfers, flights and masses of food went well! Me and Jo have been treated a bit like queens with our own bus and own massive boat to get to the island 👰. Anyway, a warm welcome was had by all followed by some cocktail creation while filling out forms and promising to conform to the Exotic house rules. Quick shower to refresh ourselves, back to resturant for food and remnants of happy hour. Alas Mr and Mrs Scales, Lovely Sheila has left, nooooooooo 😭 and also Ronel has gone 😭. However, we have lovely Roxanne and Eileento cater for our every whim! meal was had by all along with a few drinkipoos 🍷🤣 and a pretty early night as all pooped, but first dives tomorrow not untill 2pm as they have some festival thing going on!


Tea in the sea was planned for 8pm this morning, but the tide was out and due to rocks and stuff we could only put toes in! Breakfast, interesting……..toast!!! Need i say more, the ususal issue with rubbish equipment 😩 lovey chill out tho for couple of hours!

Anyway, back to what we here for….. diving! Kit sorted, Malcy has new name ‘Milky’ why you may ask…………….No idea! Brieffing was interesting, we listened very hard except for Sue, wet suit on back to front after Graham tried to wear it and getting blame for Sues idiocy ( guess who got spanky award) 2 dives to day, 2 groups of 4 (me an Jo not queens no more) house reef to kick off, 66 mins of slighty chilly but fun time! Saehorses,( seen by group1, not i) Seamoths, some of those nudibranchs green, black ,pruple all sorts and balling Catfish of all sizes! Bit of fun, just good to dive again!

Second dive, North point, few of is forgot to turn air on 😳 oooops Rusty or what!!! Bit deeper than first dive, poodled around for a while, beautiful fether stars, Sea snakes, bigguns!!!

ourboat, Exotic 1

Our dive was cut short, Keef’s bluddy computer!!! 😡 decco tine!! After half hour!! (Only joking) didnt see the Seahorses, not cross, really not!!! 😠 enjoyed!

So back to base, shower, happy hour, food and crib! Extremely tired diving bunnies! Photos of Seahorse wont upload, bare with!!

Toodles for now!

Hi al,

WFI rubbish, so if forgotton stuff, apologies! Malapasqua very hot, all got something burn of some sort! 😡 but having lovely time anyway! 😃 diving is good, UBang Bato first dive yesterday, followed by Qulliano 1 both realy pretty and full of Macro life. Bugs in pants to start day, A very excited elf to see this creature, William Pledger refer to ‘Alexander Beatle’ 😉 Malcom threw my beatle out, Malcom threw my beatle out and beatle swam away! 😜

Early start this morning, up at 04.30 with that Keef banging on door to see if we alive!! Anyway tide WELL out, i thought a Tsunami was iminent, thankfully not! Bumpy ride out to a beautiful Sunrise. Easy entry and down to wire for settling on, a wait of about 15 mins then…….WOW beatiful Thresha Shark, then another! One right over Milks head (another story) beautiful 😍

Saw them a few times then moved to another area, 2 more to grace our pressence! Moved off and an Eagle Ray joined us too! Soooo lovely, all divers surfaced happy and full of smiles 😀

photos above of todays dive, Bugton Bato and Quilliano2, 8 of us dived Bugtong and 4 dived the second dive both equally lovely, however sea was choppy 😬 saw Pygmy sea horses, Big seahorses and a whole aray of nudibranchs in all colours shapes and sizes.

Ps i have sore ears, Milk is grumpy as hell, Tony is constasly asleep, Sue is inebriated, Carol is massaged, Graham does not like losing!!!!! Keef is a git, Foxy is having a go at me, and i am confused.com!

bye xxx