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Malapascua day whatever

We are having an amazing time here. The dive set up is really excellent and our dive guides are SO helpful and attentive.

Evening banter is very loud and fun. Crib tournaments abound as do drinking beer and happy hour cocktails.

The wind that was there earlier in the week, from the NE, has abated and the sea is flat calm. The earlier lumpy seas made for a very interesting exit from the sea back in to the boat. Those of us of a certain age were ably assisted by the crew who were there all the time.

Diving wise we have seen many a small nudibranch of varying sizes and colours. One of them was at least 12″ and looked like a flat leaf. Sharks aplenty too. Dived at Gato Island where there were sleeping sharks and of course we did their signature dive to see the thresher sharks at Mando Shoal. This entailed leaving the shore at 5:30am in the dark with not a clue where we were heading to. The one lovely thing abut the trip there was watching the sun rise. Beautiful skies.

Some divers chose to do the shark dive again on Friday morninqg and were so lucky to see a manta ray in the distance. A fantastic sight.

On shore activities are slightly limited but us girls chose to have a massage provided by lovely ladies at the Malapascua Legends Wellness Centre, while the gentlemen chose to have a beer. It was an aloe vera massage and I didn’t realise they actually used a real, actual aloe vera which was dripped onto us. The cooling properties are fantastic, especially for those that have dallied in the sun too long!

The hotel – Exotic Resort Hotel – is situated right on the beach and there is sand everywhere from the restaurant to the rooms!

Very impressed with the Dive Centre and the way it is set up. We have a good dive briefing each time from our dedicated guides – Jay R and Noel. They were such good fun. Exotic 1 was our main boat for our stay, and also to ourselves!!

We have all rather fallen in love with Exotic’s crispy Prawn fritters! To DIE FOR!

Well a rather hot end to a brilliant week at Malapasqua, diving, food, sun, company, Eileen and Ryan have been exceptional. Let’s not mention the miserable water filler guy at the bar!! 😠

5.30 start in morning for our next holibob to Sangat! Toodles for now!