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Diving Day Six

It poured this morning! It really poured..


Well prepared here…. Brollies everywhere. 

We set out on the dive boat this morning and Adrian, the captain, was in a full set of waterproofs. Not entirely what we expected.

It seems that Richard has been a little out of sorts. 

First, he didn’t throw his heart and sole (soul) into his and Darrall’s Bill and Ben impersonation… 

Second, he had said that when we recreate the sexy shrimp scene, he doesn’t want to be part of it. Pictures to follow… 

Third, we are going to have to change his name to Richard ‘second in the water’ Scales… 

Just not himself. 

Anyway on to the diving… We have new people on the boat, a couple of Hawian ladies. 

DIVE 19 – Nudi Falls

Wonderful wonderful dive

The cup coral on the shallow wall was so beautiful

Peacock mantis shrimp

When we came up from the dive… The sun was shining ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

DIVE 20 – Makawidi 2

We were on the way to Nudi Retreat but the current was too strong, so we stopped off at the island out from the resort.

Beautiful corals, no current.

We spent time with a huge cuttlefish. Richard took photos, we haven’t looked at them yet. 

Lunch now.

Saw this critter today. 

Before the next dive, whilst Richard was entertaining Darrall, Dianne and a large number of staff with amusing anecdotes (don’t know what about, but I am sure he will mention it in his next blog), I was getting ready to go diving. I was putting my arm in my long rash vest only to come into contact with a beetle that had crawled inside it. This one didn’t have horns but it was about an inch and a half long. 


No sympathy from the others as they were crying… Perhaps Richard upset them…? 

DIVE 21 – 
Muck dive with coral very shallow.

Shrimps and crabs

Orange frogfish

Multicoloured ornate ghost pipefish

DIVE 22 – 

Trying out a dive site that they hadn’t visited.

White ornate pipefish

Shrimps and crabs


Beautiful large sea pens with crabs

Shattered! Dinner with Darral and Dianne before heading back to the hut to have a look at today’s photos – 4700 so far… for the holiday, not the day! That might be a bit much, even for us. 

Quick crib update

Richard 3 – Jo 2

Basically to busy to play… 

Nighty noodles!!