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Dive day 9

Fresh meat:

We have watched the divers on our boat diminish as the days go by, first to go was Matt, then Barry & Judy, Arrianne from Australia joined the team, Helen came and went, Martine just hung up her fins and now Julienne has joined the team from France so we are up to 4 divers on the boat.

First dive was a muck dive featuring wonderpuss, mimic octopus and coconut octopus as well as fire worms and various frog fish, then back to base for a brief dip in the pool and we picked up Julienne.

Second dive was “bubbles”, the one with the very hot rock and gas bubbles rising out of the sand. An excellent bimble with nudies, frog fish and a turtle.

After lunch, dive 3 was in coconut bay, so called because of all the palm trees nearby. A great dive with lots of stuff including ghost pipe fish. Ornate ghost pipe fish, razor fish and a garden of white hydrozoas with all manner of supporting critters at hand.

Dive 4, the night dive was at Heidi’s point and once again featured many octopus, crabs, shrimps and all manner of pointless beasts, I mean, sea moths? Completely pointless if you ask me, what a waste of an existence, all night scratching around the sea bed like a half trodden on sparrow!

Dinner was the usual sweet and sour chicken and chop suey chased up by a long island iced tea and a Singapore sling, yum.

Photo processing beckons….