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Dive day 8

A reminder of the resort rules:

Now let’s go diving…

Dive one, favourite dive of the trip so far, amazing under water topography and more nudies in one place than we ever did see anywhere else ever, frog fish, corals and loads of stuff!

Dive two, more underwater topography but a bit of a push against a bit of a current. 

Had the luxury of a surface interval in the pool with coffee and biscuits and yes, the biscuits do go soggy!

Here’s one from earlier in the trip:

Dive three was a return trip to a site that wasn’t too clever last time we went there, nothing changed this time! Dive four on the other hand was a spectacular night dive on the house reef, highlights included octoporn, nudiporn and a veritable feast of other nighttime critter action.

Dinner was accompanied by a couple of red horses, we were also joined by divers that we had met from France and Australia for the sharing of diving stories from across the globe, then it’s off to bed!