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Dive day 12 

Today is the last diving day 🙁 it has been epic and the diving has been great, it is definitely on the list of places to return to one day. 

Not sure where we are diving today but I am sure it will be lovely. We have spent at least 5hrs a day under water each day (dive times regularly 75 minutes) as well as some serious pool time, it’s going to take a while to dry out after this trip.

Dive boat Calypso ready for our last adventure.

So we headed out to Elmer’s point for a spot of reef diving where I got to play wide angle for a while and Jo wrestled with yellow pygmy seahorses @24+m.

Back to base for a dip in the pool which @31 degrees was a whole degree warmer than the sea after which we headed out back to secret bay for some muck diving fun. We picked up a few more guests on the boat. All from Taiwan.

We found all manner of frog fish and a large sea horse along with all the usual suspects.

Back to base again for a spot of lunch then heading out again at three for the last two dives of the trip.

OK last two dives completed, both excellent.  Gear now drying, which it does very well in this heat!

First dive was a bumble amongst coral outcrops, the second was a dusk dive on the house reef, we came up in time to see the sunset and keep the dive computers happy, we fly tomorrow at 18:30.

We have both completed 47 dives. Definitely not dived out. Wish we could stay longer. Another place to which we would like to return.

Diving summary: 47 dives completed, 59.5 hrs bottom time, average dive time 75.95 minutes.

Happy divers.