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Dive day 11

It’s just gone six, not a breath of wind, a few boats out fishing, cockerals cockeraling, the guy who fixes boats on the beach is fixing boats on the beach (I think he only has one tool and he uses it all of the time).

Today we plan to dive ‘Mainit Corner” which is festoon with Nembrotha then a muck dive then after lunch we are off to Anilao jetty for a dive and a night dive. It’s supposed to be quite special, a full report will follow.

Report #1: Mainit corner was excellent, no current, Great visibility, hugely colourful and loads to see. Apart from the usual suspects we saw a banded sea snake and a free swimming blue and yellow ribbon eel, a wonderful dive. 

Back to the resort for coffee in the pool then out again for a muck dive at Heidi’s point. Loads of frog fish, small, smaller and smallest, nudies, sea horse, a snake eel reversing into it’s home, robust ghost pipe fish, coconut octopus, blue spotted rays.

Editors note: lying on the bed, updating holiblog holding phone in the air, drops phone which hits head, ouch…

Report #2

This afternoon was a bit of a trip down to Anilao jetty with a dive along the way. First dive was around a rock with a sandy and rubble sea bed. Didn’t see much at all apart from a few nudies and shrimps.

Off to Anilao jetty for a night dive, slight detail, there is no jetty, just a sandy bottom with nothing to see at all.

Jo suggests we find the boat and get out, just then it all started, octopus after octopus after octopus as well as a Bob tail squid, proper squid and a shield slug. An excellent dive followed by a long trip back in total darkness and a serious electrical storm, quite exciting!

Another excellent day was had by all, last one tomorrow, oh dear 🙁