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Anilao dive day #8

Another day in paradise – someone should write a song about it!

The demise of my lairy leggings. At the beginning of the holiday a centimeter cut in the knee, after seven diving days, most of my left thigh was exposed. They have now been filed in the bin.

Plan B was put into action. Actually, I was rather pleased that I had a plan B. My old scubapro one piece has been bought out of retirement and saved the day and my embarrassment.

I am mindful that two days ago I mentioned somethings that I wanted to discuss but never got around to it.

  • Bugs
  • Bacon torrettes
  • Boat buddies

I think I covered the bugs, apart from the six inch leech that was sliming it way up our wall when it rained.

So now on to the bacon torrettes…

A severe lack of bacon happened a few days ago. None to be had! No BLT!!

Whenever we asked, we were told, “we don’t know when we will get some”.

Everyone was asking. It got to the point that we were randomly shouting out “Bacon!”

Perhaps, you just had to be there…

It was hilarious.

On to the diving…


A diver that has joined our boat today, he doesn’t seem to know that if you are half an hour early then you are probably late. Brendan and Vicki, our boat buddies, understand. They are our type of people. New to diving (Dives numbering in the 10s rather than the 1000s) but they just get it. Actually, rather embarrassingly, they are often ready before us! I know, unheard of…

Manit Corner

Lots of current. Beautiful reef.
Having to hide behind huge pinnacles.

Huge turtle.🐢
Huge slugs, all different nembrothas

Such an amazing site.

Secret Bay

Muck dive.

Gentle bimble, very little current.

Same place as last night.

Saw lots.

Coconut octopus in a bottle. 🐙🍾

Peacock mantis shrimps, large to very tiny. Also, Richard spotted one in a tin can, looking very picturesque, that was up until ‘late diver’ stuck his gopro in its face and made it run away.
Pretty slugs, pink and spikey.
Shrimps in wire coral and hydrozoas.

Lunch for me waz the standard BLT with Coleslaw. Richard tried something new. The daily special, carbonara with garlic bread. Hmmm, considering this was lunchtime, I shouldn’t have been woken up by garlic breath, but I was.

Two lovely afternoon dives.

El Pinoy

I loved this dive. Lots of nicely placed slugs in the rubble.

Really enjoyed the photo taking.

Richard didn’t enjoy it so much, until we came across some pinnacles, which were very beautiful.

Twin Rocks – Night dive

A very beautiful site. Possibly even more so at night. The yellow and orange cup coral, that are hiding during the day, come out at night and the two rocks are covered.

We did the rocks, shallow, first then down to about 20 metres and gradually back up at the next mooring where the boat had moved to.

A nice long dive. Ears are getting a bit sticky.

Had a lovely meal with Brendan and Vicki followed by the arrival of Darrall and Dianne. I shall leave Richard to supply those details.