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Anilao dive day #7

The last day of the first half our trip!

Thus far it has gone well, a little rain last night but now dry, sunny and flat calm, let’s go diving.

After a light breakfast we head out to Dari Laut which is the wreck of an old floating casino that ‘caught fire’ one day and sank. No evidence of any casino activity but what is left of the steel work is dripping with life and a group of bat fish regularly patrol the deepest part of the wreck at around 29m.

After that, a relatively shallow bimble amongst coral outcrops took us up to lunch time, BLT, chips and coleslaw, yum.

Back in for we what ended up being a 93 minute dive at Twin Rocks which is about 55 seconds boat ride, amazing dive, so much colour everywhere.

Now relaxing with coffee before the night dive.

A quick trip around to the corner finds us in Secret Bay for the night dive where we find some of the usual suspects including crabs (various), shrimps, nudis and various other night dwellers including squid at the end.

For tea tonight I wanted the soup, tamarind flavored broth with meat and vegetables, well, all that was true, or had all those things though the flavor was so subtle it was a bit lost on me, back to tasty food tomorrow night!

We have now retired to our room to deal with the consequences of spending over 5 hours submerged today. ZZZzzzzz…….