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Anilao dive day #12

Feeling hot, hot, hot!!

Bit of a scorcher to day.

We are early people.

Darrall and Dianne are early people.

Cameras all done.

Dive briefing, 8.15.

We are ready at 7.15…

Hmmm… Perhaps a little early. Out on the boat about 7.45.

Something we haven’t mentioned is the Goats milk fragrance mask clear.

Who knew it was a thing?

Who knew, if you did know, that you would want to smell like it.

Kirby’s Point.

Got to the pinnacle, top at 18 metres and bottom a long way down. This pinnacle was covered with yellow sea cucumbers. Beautiful dive site.

Back to the resort to pick up Dennis for more lessons for Darryl and Dianne.

Sun View

Dive on coral outcrops and sand.

Nice dive.

If I wasn’t on nitrox, I would have believed that I was narked. Trouble understanding my computer! The same computer that I have used for over 1200 dives!! Hmmm…

Bubbles Point

This dive was cut short by me. Something to do with the large waves, current and reduced viz.

Twin Rocks

We went in earlier than normal. Hoping for an early night.

Lovely relaxed dive.

We saw lots of nudis, shrimps on wire coral.

Yellow cup coral.

The giant clams, over a metre across, reminded me of the old black and white Tarzan movies, where he gets his leg stuck in one and struggles to free himself.

A dirty black Russian before dinner. Just the one! Stronger than expected, either that or I am a total whimp. Actually, I’m a whimp! Total lightweight.

FYI – That’s peanuts not baked beans!

I was shortly after this that I got confused between rug rats and carpet munchers. A story to tell…

Lovely tea. Quick look at photos and asleep by 9.30.

Completely shattered.