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SBSR Dive Day 18

Here we are, our last days diving on what has been an epic adventure and wonderful holiday.

The plan is to cross the bay to dive Napantao MPA, probably North and South reefs, time and tide will tell. Then probably something local in the afternoon then wash and dry the kit for the journey home. Currently our no fly time suggests that we’ll be done with off gassing at least two hours before takeoff, this is a good thing!

Breakfast will be eggs, bacon and toast (love the local cuisine).

It has been epic, we’ve dived all the sites we wanted to, had a couple of away trips with BBQ on board including an epic circumnavigation of Panaon Island with diving along the way and met lovely people from all over the world (France, China, Thailand, Finland as and Australia). We’ve seen the smallest critters and the largest fish (yes, we have pictures), eaten lovely food from SBSR and Alma & Jerry’s and done lots of lovely diving.

Special mention and many thanks to our guides Dave, Ian and Pedro, the boat captains Puloy and Greg and all their crew including Arman and Arwin, the shore staff including May, Ann, Raia and Annalyn.

Here is how it’s looking this morning.

In the distance, Napantao MPA, our dive destination.

On the way across we see a large pod of dolphins in the distance and then have a close encounter with a smaller pod of pilot whales.

First dive ended up starting at the southern end of the South wall with a little current to fight near the surface then going with it for the rest of the dive.

It ended up being a most magnificent dive ending up at the top of the reef then back to the boat some 70 minutes after submerging.

Snaps from this mornings trip.

during there surface interval we enjoy coffee, frooties and fresh pineapple. The second dive was on Napantao North wall from North to South and then back north again along the top. With the current at the start and with the current at the end. Another most excellent 70 minute dive.

Back to base for lunch consisting of BLT and Singapore pork (spicy), which was just lovely.

We now have an hour before what is to be the last dive of the trip 😪, perhaps Max Climax Wall, perhaps Baluarte, only time will tell. One thing for sure is that there will be very few of us on the boat as a lot of the other guests only do the two morning dives each day.

The tide was running, slightly more than I predicted when I convinced Jo to swim out to the boat with me. Consequently we ended getting dragged out hanging on the back of the boat and then moved up to the ladder in order to get on board.

The dive was on Baluarte and having jumped from the boat we for out on the shore having had an excellent last dive.

Back to base and everything is pulled apart, washed and dried ready for packing 😪

We’ve paid the bill, had a bottle of Red Horse and done a little packing.

Now we’re at Alma and Jerry’s for the last supper 😪, what’s slightly worse is that they are out of Red Horse, so it’s pilsner for me.

Back to our room we pack a bit, set our alarms and wait for the morning!