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Diving Day six

It poured and poured last night. One of the swimming pools, which is closed due a leek caused by an earthquake, is starting to refill. It was empty when we arrived and now has about six inches of water in the bottom… So, it is overcast today, well this morning anyway…could be brilliant sunshine later, you just can’t tell.

Almost missed the dive. Knock, knock. Judy at the door. Are you coming?  Ring, ring. Reception asking if we were diving. Bugger! Got the time wrong! Oh the embarassment. Everyone waiting! Forgot to mention that on day 2, the boat had to go back to shore to get both of our masks. Oops! What a couple of numpties!

First two dives completed, first was a wreck in Gin clear visibility, lots to see and at 30m, deepest dive of the trip so far, the second was amongst very colorful coral outcrops and at 91mins, the longest of the trip so far.

The rain has stopped and the sun is trying!

Dive three completed, loads of stuff on a very pretty site. Taking a night off tonight, skipping a night dive (shock, horror) to recharge batteries and see Barry and Judy off in style, Sangat for them tomorrow.

We shall shortly be heading off to the bar for a spot of liquid refreshment, red horse will almost certainly be joining us, as well perhaps as some tea from the long island.

…and we have made it all the way to the bar!

And just to prove it…