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Diving Day One

Up for first breakfast at 6.00. Slept well. Asleep shortly after 8.00pm and was surprised when the alarm went off at 5.30.

Saw this little fella on the way to first breakfast.

DIVE 1 –  Aw Shucks. 

Reef at the top and rubble below. Temperature about 27-28 degrees. Saw black ornate ghost pipefish, cuttlefish, slugs, shrimps and Cardinal fish (Richard’s favourite).

During second breakfast the heavens opened…

DIVE  2 – Hairball 1

Muck Dive

Black sandy slope.

As we went down I spotted a tiny coconut octopus and then another.

Also saw flamboyant cuttlefish and a brown cuttlefish, brown hairy frogfish, Cockatoo fish, crabs, shrimps, shawn the sheep slug.

Oh, forgot, we also saw a seahorse.

A fair bit of current at the end but we were shallow and close to the boat.

Spotted this creature in the garden.

DIVE 3 – House Reef

Just Richard and I on the boat this afternoon  A bit of current so we tried to go to one of the TK sites in the bay but the fishermen had their nets out.

We came back and did the house reef. Bit of current, but not much, which the guide apologised for afterwards.

The site is a slope with sand and covered in very low Seaweed or algae.

Clown shrimps in a small purple anemone. Hairy shrimp. Boxer shrimps were out on a bit of old carpet. Tasselled filefish.

Shrimps and crabs on featherstars. A very friendly pufferfish which kept between my camera and me.

No forth dive today. So, a dip in the pool instead and then playing with cameras before dinner. Best food this evening were the coconut and galangal soup and the pineapple fritters.