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Dive day 10

Dive days reach double digits, this is not necessarily a good thing as there aren’t many left.

Jo found this in the bathroom this morning, not her favorite insect!

Today the plan is to cross the bay and go round an island to dive “The Wreck”. Not sure what it was but it is now a box structure with all girders covered in life, a small section lies just off the main lump which looks more like a piece of hull. Did it macro last time, now loaded for the wider angle, let’s see how that turns out.

I am pleased to report that it all went to plan, visited the wreck with the wider lens. On the way back we saw an electric clam, Gabby, you will be pleased to know that we introduced the rest of the boat to the correct and now internationally known sign for these.

Back for a quick dip in the pool then back out for a muck dive where we had a bit of a current both ways. I found a Christmas starfish which was special, well it made me laugh. Jo on the other hand not so amused as at the same time I persuade my find out of the sand (to reveal a small Christmas decoration I had found earlier), Jo decides to take a swipe at a fire urchin with her leg, all needles now removed and the leg is saved though it was all a bit of a nasty shock at the time.

Lunch done, now just off gassing before the next dive.

Dive 3 complete, lovely bimble in zero current, back to the pool for the briefest of moments before we head out to “secret bay” for a dusk dive which was great. No current (always a good start), hairy ar$ed frog fish, normal frog fish, seahorse and a couple of octopus were the main attractions. Not so many shrimps, most probably as I had them for my tea:

 .. And they were great, the green stuff? Freshly slouched chilli, tastey. Jo went for the BBQ pork and a salad of carrot, mango, Apple and a local fruit thing, really nice. The while lot wanted down with a drop picture Red Horse and a Shirley Temple.

Back at the room now for picture processing and related shenanigans!