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Anilao dive day #9

Last night, our friends from Adelaide arrived. They were to be picked up by boat just like we were so I decided it night be a hoot to go on the boat and greet them. Just to make things even more interesting, I suggested that we hid at the back of the boat with towels over our heads and surprise them when they were on board.

We arrive at the beach and have to wait a few moments for their van to arrive. When it does we cover ourselves up and his behind the skipper. Darrall and Dianne get in board and as we pull away from the beach they start to talk about these two POM’s who suggested that they came to Anilao. At this point, Jo can no longer contain her excitement so we go for the big reveal which was met with much surprise and enthusiasm all round. It went well. After a couple of minutes we were back at the resort and ready for bed (it was almost 10.00pm and apparently I had all already down signs of weariness, OK, I had fallen asleep after dinner!).

All good to go today, the sea is flat, there is no wind and it’s already hot, hot, hot!

First dive is Apols point. Magnificent coral outcrops smothered in brightly coloured feather stars. There was a title, frog fish (including a swimming one) and Jo was viscously attacked by a good sized banded sea snake.

The second dive was a muck dive at Heidi’s point. First time in with the new lens, what a result, I’m back in the (macro) room!

Several smaller frog fish, a flamboyant cuttle fish, a juvenile sea horse and all manner of shrimps and nudies. Another great dive on what looks like a very plain sandy slope!

In other news (that I embarrassingly failed to mention earlier) it transpires that Brendan has quite a few interests in common with myself, including the fact that he has built his own nixie tube clock and is a fan of vacuum tube electronics. A brother from another mother!

We get back just as they make their departure 😖 back to Hong Kong, only a 2hr flight for them and they are home 🛫✈🛬🏠🛀🛌.

The usual not quite so light lunch of BLT, fries and coleslaw and a good catch up with Darrall and Dianne and it’s almost time to go diving again. A quick pool session is all that lies between us and the next dive.

In the afternoon we dive Mainit Corner. This time with no current at all, what a difference. We are all over it, no nook nor cranny is left unexplored. Lots of Nudi back ends were seen, i think they were on a non cooperation strike!

After that is back for a quick change of batteries, another dip in the pool and off to Bubbles Point for a night dive where the gas bubbles from volcanic activity continue to rise. We encountered a completely painted frog fish on a wall at about 20m. It cooperated as all frog fish do by wedging itself into an inaccessible cranny between the wall and some coral so a reference shot from above is all I took.

Back to base for some fine dining consisting of sweet and sour chicken, chopy suey, rice and deep fried Lumpia. Another great day in the adventure.