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Anilao 2019 – diving day #7

A peaceful start to the day, with the possible exception of the cockerels 🐔

the local basketball team 🏀 and boats heading out for fishing 🎣 and it’s not even light yet!Hopefully I have recovered from yesterday’s misterminas and will remember to take both mask and computer with me on the dive and not leave them on the boat.The sea is flat and the sky mostly clear. No hint of the sun coming up yet though it shouldn’t be long, we did book it. It’s still only 5.30 so there’s still time.

Handy signs for the boat captains in case they can’t remember where the dive site is.

Dive 25, Kirby’s Rock.

I know I bang on about the magic and splendor of the sites here but Kirby’s Rock is both magical and splendid.A massive rock juts out from the coast, it’s top is less than 5m from the surface and the bottom goes all the way down to about 20m, a second rock further out goes down to about 30m and between them, a small rock is home to some yellow pygmy seahorses.A giant wall is packed with features, outcrops and crevices. The whole thing is covered with life, nudis everywhere and a giant painted frog fish completes the picture.A lovely dive, great vis and no current.

Back on board we head around the coast to moor up at Macawidi for our surface interval, coffee and biscuits.New guests on the boat today, Nina and Graham who we met out here and dived with last year, ex pat’s now living in Malaysia.

Dive 26, Minilog

A sandy slope with many coral outcrops, home to all kinds of life including nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs.I was viciously attacked by a nasty looking clown fish so I gave to trying to photograph the crabs on its anemone.Another lovely 80+ minute dive in bright sunshine.Back to base for lunch. Jo promised herself s quick nap, 90 minutes until the next dive, let’s see how that goes.As as it turned out Jo managed a nap and was fully prepared for the afternoons diving.

Dive 27 Apol’s Point.

This site is known particularly for it’s amazing collection of fearherstars. A large rocky outcrop extends from just below the surface down to about 18m then it’s a sandy bottom with lots of coral outcrops. Lots of Nudi and shrimp action.

Towards the end of the dive a 2m banded sea snake moves through, fortunately it showed no interest in sinking it’s teeth into me 🐍.The current fish appeared towards the end of the dive.Back to base for hot chocolate then it’s out again for a dusk dive on the house reef.

Today’s sunset:

Dive 28, dusk dive on the house reef.

Another most excellent night dive, this time on the house reef. Lots to see, well positioned nudis, wonderpus x 2, Bobbitt worm, lots of shrimps, most excellent.Now on the Red Horse, best served cold.

We just had the most amazing tea, sorry, no pictures, it was super scrummy.

Deep fried Lumpia then fried rice, vegetable chop suey then pork sisig, spicy. Absolutely lovely.