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Anilao 2019 diving day #10

Yesterday, Graham, one of our boat buddies, let me use his SMC-1 dioptre for a couple dives. Nice! Looks like Christmas is sorted. Upon further investigation, by Richard, it would appear that the CMC-1 version is more suitable for my camera. Looks like Alex Tattersall will be hearing from us again soon.

Breakfast done and on to cameras.

Dive #37 – Arthur’s Rock

Richard with the wide angle lens.

We saw:Large grey frogfish
Nicely positioned slugs and starfish

Dive #38 – Twin Rocks

Another wide angle dive for Richard. Beautiful at the rocks. Covered in soft coral and yellow cup coral with lots of fish.

For the first time on this holiday, we had a swarm of other divers pass over, between and under us. That is a rarity here. Normally just us and Nanie, our guide, occasionally the others from our boat, Nina, Graham and Ann with their guide, Romnick.

The dive sites here are so quiet. It is wonderful.

There has been much talk of Richard going in for the dive without stuff, eg Mask, computer. However, I have keep quiet about rolling in backwards off the boat without my reg in (just Wendell and I know)…

Let’s see if Richard reads this post!

Dive #39 – Coconut Point

More gear failure! My mask strap now! All sorted although, I now feel lopsided!

Nina has lent me her torch and snoot. This will stretch me!Down to the “oasis” at 18 metres.

Beautiful black coral outcrops, which aren’t black at all, more like mini white weeping willows.

Some flabelina type nudis and Shaun the sheep nudis.Had fun with the snoot. Maybe that’s Xmas sorted for next year.

Time for high tea before the next dive.

Here is view as we sip our drinks.

Dive #40 – Manit Corner

Night dive on the corner! Current everywhere else, but not on the corner. How can that be? But it was. Down side was that there was three other boats. It was a bit like Close Encounters.

We saw:
Stunning cup coral, both yellow and green
Various big fat nudis
Amazing colourful reef
Various eels, out swim
Pretty Scorpion fishIt was a very good dive.

We eaten a lovely tea and now it is time for the review of pictures before bed.

Oh and just because I can, here is another shoot of the sunset tonight.

Oh, and Richard hasn’t mentioned my failure to put my reg in yesterday. Obviously, not read my post! Hmmm, he quizzes me on what he writes….