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Southern Leyte dive day #13

As our holiday is approaching its end (today is the penultimate dive day), I am still chasing the elusive 1200. This means four dives today…

It is not sunny yet, but that can change in the blink of an eye. The wind is about a force 4, in contrast to yesterday’s complete absence.

Just for completeness, here is a picture of our photophobic dog.

Just outside the house we have a goat. No I am not kidding you.

So, the order of the day is four dives and no swimming against the current as my knee is still in recovery.

We crossed to the other side of the bay as the dive sites are protected from the wind. Calmness and serenity…

Dive 1- Santa Paz

Down to the pinnacle, the back up along the wall to Ghost Town. The pinnacle really is very beautiful; it’s covered in white hydrozoas.

We also saw…

  • Frogfish
  • The killer clownfish!!!!
  • Pretty shrimps
  • Razor fish

Now, what is the sign for Razor fish? I gave it a go, pretending to shave my face, obviously male Razor fish… Richard gave it a go for the female Razor fish… Made me laugh and laugh, water filling up my mask. Richard shall be demonstrating in person…

Really bashed my bad knee on the giant stride so going in via the ladder on the next one.

Dive 2 – Napantao North

A steep slope, followed by a vertical wall, followed by a bimble back across the top of the reef.

We saw…

  • White tipped reef shark
  • Frogfish
  • Large turtle
  • Lots of Christmas tree worms in different colours
  • A very photogenic balled up anemone with anemone fish

That’s it for the morning. Lunch followed by a dive at 3pm.

I am on track!

Two more dives done.

Dive 3 – House reef

Excellent dive. Us, Pedro, Iain and Clark (if you’ve seen a photo posted by SBSR then it is probably one of his).

Just a bimble about really.

We saw…

  • All the usual suspects
  • Very pretty nudi at the end under the boat.

After the dive I stayed on board whilst Richard went ashore to change the lens from wide angle to macro.

Dive 4 – House reef night dive

We jumped from the boat and swam back to the shore. 98 minutes!

Lovely dive.

We saw…

  • Lots of tiny squid, about 5mm
  • A very large turtle with two remoras, found twice
  • Unusual shrimps
  • Juvenile trumpet fish, about 10cm long

The trumpet fish, were manic, swimming in circles then swimming repeatedly at my head. It turns out that space is not the only place where no one can here you scream. Arghhhhhhhhhhh!

During the dive, I was completely lost! Luckily Pedro wasn’t, and we made it back to the dive centre.

We had dinner at the resort. No crib. Sleep. Didn’t even finish looking at today’s pictures.