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SBSR Dive Day 5

I think it is only fair, before we reset the crib score to 0-0, that I show a couple of hands from last night.

My first hand, of the second game…

The subsequent box…

Didn’t start well for Richard…

Didn’t get any better.

So back to 0-0 from 9-4.

Anyway, looking forward to today. Not only are Richard and I taking a road trip to Little Lembeh for a couple of dives, but by the time we get back Barry and Judy will have arrived!

Just need to say something…I had a slight niggle after the second time we missed the whale shark, yesterday. Not because we didn’t see it, after all we have been to Oslob, but because the French instructor of the large training group said it was because we are leaving the EU, joking, of course, but considering yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings, I felt a bit miffed! If he wasn’t such a nice man I might have been angry. It just doesn’t appear that D-day rates highly in their thoughts… I could continue on this subject, but it is probably best not to.

Looking like it could be a lovely day…

Yesterday, we said goodbye to Chris and Pook, as they are leaving Ron’s House so that Barry and Judy can move in. Really nice people, good to be in the water with. Not sure about the egg white omelette for breakfast, but each to their own. We shall be keeping in touch. 😀😀

Excellent morning!

A 20 minute trip up to Malitbog in a pickup. Ian and myself in the cab and Richard and Dave on the back with the kit.

We get to the site, parking near the road, got kit on and took the short walk to the beach.

Dive #1 & Dive #2

Little Lembeh

Sandy slope with a ‘wreck’ slightly to the north of where we get in and a fish trap to the south.We saw:

  • Various coloured seahorses
  • Very tiny bright red scorpionfish
  • Harlequin shrimp
  • Mantis shrimp
  • Frogfishes, grey, white, yellow painted, red
  • porcelain crab
  • Carpet anemone shrimps

Two excellent dives.

Here are some pictures of our surface interval, that included, coffee, biscuits and bananas.

When we came up from the second dive it was overcast a bit windy and just about ready to rain. On the return trip it did rain. Every time we when through a puddle it came up through the holes in the floor. It got even more wet for those on the back.

We arrived back at SBSR to be met by Barry and Judy, who had only shortly arrived.

Lunch eaten and a quick check in with the new arrivals. So much to say, but that will wait until this evening, over dinner, table already booked for 7pm.

Next dive is a 3pm meet. Another road trip, this time to Baluarte, five minutes north of the resort.

A very quick trip with the four of us sitting on the back of the flat bed truck. Quick kit up and into the sea.

Dive #3


Shore dive.

Barry and Judy’s first dive of their holiday. Lovely bimble, down to about 15 metres and back again.

We saw:

  • Turtle
  • Shrimps
  • Nudis

Straight out of the water and straight on to the truck for our trip back.

A quick shower and time to get photos off the cameras followed by a G&T on the veranda.

Lots for us to catch up on, so time flew by. Off the Alma and Gerry’s for tea. We all chose the same.

Lumpia for starters.

Sweet and sour pork, stir fried vegetables and fried rice for main course.