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Philippines: Pygmy seahorse, big seahorse and tiny tiny slugs

So Day 2, got off to a rainy start, middle and finish, bit like being in Cornwall at Easter but still able to dive! Still, a hearty breakfast saw us getting off on time to Kermit the boat! First Dive Voltairs Rock, felt like getting into a bath! A gentle slope going down to 45 metres, we stayed at around 26! Lots of rocky outcrops with stunning corals and lots of stuff going on! Critters, slugs, manta shrimp and Frog fish! Second Dive, Bunga Bend, Pygmy Seahorse X 2 on a single fan coral, stunning!! Just lovely poking around in bath water! Pedro, (our dive guide) lost his torch at the end, nearly a Monkey moment but luckily for him he found it, and discovered his clip had broken, thus saving him from spankey as we felt for him! We were asked to return earlier for afternoon dive as (we think) the boys have dates tonight, we have made them promise to give us the Gos tomorrow! 

So Back to base, for a quick chip buttie before the long laborious walk to get back on boat, 10 feet of it 🙄, oh so exhausting…………….
We have been a little concerned regarding Richard’s shorts, Foxy and I are convinced he’s gonna loose them! However befor our 3rd dive Jo managed to tie em before all ‘his clothes fell off’ in a Kenny Everet way!!! 🙄🙄 best not put the picture on here!! 😬
Final dive of day ‘ Puloys Anchor’ (none in sight) plopped us into about 5 meters of just sand, Muck diving at its best! Spent an hour looking into holes, corals, anenomes, rubbish and anything else to look under or in! Believe it or not it was amazing!! Beautiful white seahorse, huge Anenomes with all types of Clown fish and full of cleaner shrimps! No end of Slugs and in competition to the Pygmy seahorse earlier, the tiniest of tiniest slugs, which we could barley see but which Jo Clark took some beautiful photos of! Turns out there were 2 together looking back at Photo footage! (Will have to get Jo C to post them)

Returned to base, another long slog up the beach to home for a shower, log book logging and blogging to be done! 
Then off to Jerry and Alma’s for dinner, which you place your order then Jerry pops off shopping on his Motorbike for the ingredients! This gave us the opportunity to fire up the Crib board! Alas Richard and Elf’s luck has not held, 3 games to 2, but the holiday is still young……..
Tarrar blogger readers more tomorrow! 😊😊😊
PS Just seen a crab run away with a plastic bottle top! 🦀