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Philippines: Last day #1 and transfer day, a voyage into the unknown.

Our last diving day at Sogod was spent on the slightly smaller ‘Gamay Kermit’ exclusively for our pleasure. We headed out on mirror flat seas to dive in Little Lembeh, so called because of the critters that are found there. 

We jump in for the first dive and within a minute a good looking seahorse is found 🦄  (no picture of a seahorse so Jen chose a unicorn) as well as mantis shrimp, an amazing wreck festoon with brittle stars, juvenile bat fish and soft corals, amazing colors. 

After the surface interval we head out in the opposite direction for the second dive. Finds included: sea moth, devil fish (male and much larger female), mantis shrimps, bra fish 👙 and a wonderpuss as well as much other stuff

Diving done we paid a visit to the locals and threw bags of sweets at children 🍫🍭

Our last night in Sogod was (as a complete surprise to me) the traditional fancy dress party (I should have known). It had been decided that it should be a long trouser dress up evening so I select the light weight and highly colorful leg wear and top it off with a tasteful tie die shirt. Jo is summoned next door to deal with some medical manner (Richard couldn’t have been thinking straight – why on earth would two experience nurses would need help from someone whose only experience a consulting Dr Google). The next thing I know there is a knock on the door, I step outside to be greeted by the rest of the team adorned in similarly colorful leg wear and tie die shirts, well they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Decorative shades completed the outfit and off we went for crib, beer and dinner, which was most excellent.

New guests have arrived from Japan (or maybe China) and Russia (ok, kasicstan) but we are off to holiday part II so we didn’t get to know them.We have just boarded the Weesam express ferry from Misan to Cebu. Departed Sogod Bay after an excellent breakfast, all goodbyes said etc. 😢 The transfer to this ferry was about 40 minutes and although the ferry journey is 30 minutes longer we still get in to Cebu earlier than planned.

The ferry has now departed and we are Cebu bound. More later….  

Well, that was moderately ok, we used a different ferry with a much shorter transfer which meant a lay in and breakfast. I think it could best be described as slightly down market, load your own baggage on one by one and then everyone fights to get their own bags off, interesting but we made it. Interesting in sail entertainment, two movies,the first the BFG and the second a Korean film called Flu. This was an interesting subtitled story about a container of dead immigrants infected with bird flu.  First symptom… Coughing. Very embarrassing as Jo coughed through most of the film! Didn’t get to see the end so we made up our own endings.

Instant pick up at the ferry terminal for the next leg of our trip. Currently making our way through downtown Cebu dock area, nice!⛴🛳⛴⚓️

A swift three hour van ride dodging Tuk Tuks and over taking on blind bends saw us delivered to the next port. After a little paperwork we made our way to the waters edge were we had to board the smallest of craft with all our luggage. This looked a lot like SBSAC heading out to freedom in a seriously overloaded punt.

On to a bigger boat for the 45 minute trip to Malapascua island, a passing typhoon created more than a little swell. We arrived at the island and were greeted with garlands and welcomed on to the island. 20m walk to the hotel reception and another 20m to our rooms, which are fantastic.

The rooms are huge with two King size beds. Jo and I are thinking of putting them together to make mega bed.

We did dinner, over ordered on the food and worked the happy hour cocktail madness, bed flows shortly…