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Monday – Day 3

Diving starts today, pick up from the dive centre arrived 5 mins early, back to the dive shop and sorted the equipment for the day – well organised. The real fun starts now with Graham driving the second golf buggy to the port.

Racing start that would have made Lewis look like an amateur the only trouble was Malc was not onboard and like a scene from Von Ryan’s Express he sprinted after the buggy and jumped aboard.

Our dive boat for the holiday.

A 15 minute Rib ride to the first dive site The Hermenegildo Capelo which was a 2700 tonnes frigate and 102 metres long. Visibility was a disappointing at 3-4 metres but lots of marine life. After a one hour surface interval we dived The Almeida carvalho which is a hydrographic survey ship 64 metres long and 1320 tonnes and laying on its port side.

Good morning Mr Octopus. Fish life is exceedingly abundant and not at all afraid.

An afternoon by the pool with more LILO fun followed by the spanky awards, guess who got it! The day rounded off with a visit to a rather nice beach bar and some waiter fun.