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M4…I’m tired and I want to go home – already?

​Our final dives have been taken, with an unexpected reef-hook one watching a gaggle of white tipped reef shark strut their stuff. The viz wasn’t brilliant but it didn’t diminish the experience. 

Talking of sharks, Mr Burley (& Mr B) had his arse whooped 3-0 at crib. SWEET (Chairman’s note. Keith and myself suffering from Maldivian narcosis. Not really our fault)

I’ve missed the last dive – poorly ear  as modelled in this photo…..

but the chaps had a fab one with sharks, eagle ray, turtles to end the holiday.

Oh, and here’s some chain for you Willy 😊😊…

It’s been very enjoyable and we’ve all taken our tub to our hearts. The diving has been great and we’d definitely come again. The crew are quietly efficient but friendly – they cleaned our kit for us and hung it up to dry – and there’s not been an idiot amongst the other 5 guests. (Chairman’s note – Fantastic hang time on last dive with Grey Shark. He had no bloody booze either. Catastrophic!)
Look! I see no whale sharks….

Cheerio folks until the next time, it’s been a pleasure blogging from the Maldives 😎😎😎