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Philippines: Kalangaman Island

Today we travelled to dive and bbq at Kalangaman Island. Interesting briefing,  Jen had studied the map and informed us that we would be seeing 50Ft Corals. Closer inspection revealed that we would in fact be seeing SOFT corals!

The sun was shining and the 90 minute crossing on Exotic #1 was spent exposing flesh and staring at the  island looming ever larger on the horizon. 

After the first dive (frog fish, 50ft corals, an impressive wall stretching all the way to the center of the earth) we stepped ashore for a bbq banquet and swimming. Jolo offered her services as the resident island photographer for the locals who I believe wanted to adopt her. After we rescued her we went for a quick exotic dip then back to boat for more diving.

The journey back was directly into the weather, consequently we spent the entire afternoon wet, waves crashing over the deck washing dive gear, guests and guides towards the back of the boat, stark contrast to the trip out which was lovely.

A night dive rounded of the day’s aquatic events with all sorts of crazy stuff to entertain us.

Phew, just made our last our last happy hour order of the day, Black Russians all round, goodnight Vienna!

Tomorrow, Gato island, let’s see how that turns out!