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Dive day 5

Started like this (which is like it does every other day):

Well that wasn’t quite how it started. My lack of enthusiasm at getting out of bed resulted in Richard sitting on my head! Beware the hairy arse of hairy arsed diver, particularly before breakfast!

Anyway, today was the day of the current…  Dives one and two on the west side. Nice dives on reefs but with current. Divethree on the East side, no current but rough in top. Dive four, dusk/night dive, also on the East side. Rough on top and raging current and getting darker with every second. FFS! Thank goodness for our wonderful guide, Nanie.

Had a little torrential rain today. Waterfalls on the steps.  Well that is the tropics.  Didn’t rain all day. See picture of the resort below.