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Anilao dive day #12

It has been raining over night and the wind is up. Looks like we will be going over to the other island where is will be sheltered.

Here is a picture of a visitor to the dive centre…

Not the case… We stay close to the resort. Wind had dropped and no current

Dive #45 – Vivyra

Coral outcrops and rubble area

We saw:

Pygmy seahorse

Tiger shrimp
Two peacock mantis shrimps together
Lots of nudis

The hour’s surface interval whizzed past as we chatted to Nina, Graham and Ann about all things dive and non-dive related.

Dive #46 – Elmer’s PointCoral reef

We saw:

Two large back frogfish and a medium lilac coloured one.
Shrimps on whip coral
Long nosed hawkish
Small leopard print boxfish
Long armed featherstar crab

After lunch of the norm, BLT, coleslaw and spag bol, I got off my pictures from this morning. Very pleased with the results. I really feel like I am getting to grips with the camera.

Sun came out for the afternoon and the wind has dropped.

Dive #47 – Koala

A beautiful site. Dives as a drift, as current everywhere.

Drift diving is not my favourite, however, this was a very good dive.

I spent some time interacting with a Peacock mantis shrimp. I was playing, the shrimp was probably scared stiff.

We saw:

Wonderful scenery
Lots of Christmas tree worms (one of my favourites)
Lots of nudis

Now for more hot chocolate, green tea and biscuits before a quick turnaround for the sunset dive.

Dive #48 – Manit Corner

Another night dive on this stunning site. Nina lent me her snoot again (last time as they go home tomorrow).

I had such fun! Took lots of pictures.

Such a beautiful site. Happy divers!

Time for dinner followed by pictures.

Dinner tonight was salt and pepper prawns, deep fried belly pork, chop suey and fried rice.