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Anilao dive day #10

Cloudy here this morning but still hot hot hot.

It was just the standard morning, breakfast, cameras, suits on…

It was at this point that I was in for a bit of a shock.

First boot on… All okay.

Second boot… Something tickling my big toe… Whipped off the boot in double quick time, only to see the head of a rather large centipede. Arghhhhhh!

Dunked the boot, nothing. Richard says it gone. Hmmmm, says I, if it has gone put your hand in to check….


Boot dunked and swooshed. Out swims a 4 inches centipede.


None of the bugs here are small!!!!

Mairit School

I was a bit worried about my sore ear, but we took it slow on the way down and slow on the way up.

Lovely bimble with plenty to see.

Peacock mantis shrimp
Tiny nudis, about 2-3 mm
Huge nudi, about 6 inches
Emperor shrimps on a fire urchin
Shrimps on wire coral

Had a dip in the pool between dives.

Sun View

Sandy slope. Wonderful dive. My ears were a little easier, or was it that there was so much to see, took my mind off it.

We saw a Wonderpus, mimic octopus, three flamboyant cuttlefish.
A very tiny juvenile seahorse.
Loads of mantis shrimps

After lunch of BLT, a quick nap followed by more diving.

Saim Sim

Aborted dive. Viz down to about 12 inches. Went down to the anchor, in about 4 metres of water, current, came up.

Secret Bay

Plan B.

Lovely dive, saw lots.

Ornate ghost pipefish
Pretty white seahorse

Buceo House Reef Night dive

When is a night dive not a night dive?

A night dive is supposed to be dark. Way too many bright torches for my liking.

The boat dropped us off a little way up the shore and we swam back to the resort.

All sorts of nudis and shrimps
Fish on wire corals
Shrimps on wire coral
A very tiny slipper lobster, about 1 centimetre.

Dinner was shared with Darrall and Dianne, and also Sam, from Argentina, who has also been with us on the boat for the last couple of days.

Here is a picture of a bug under our table.

Tales of the “Laundry wars” were shared by Darrall and Richard told his Zachary’s Disease joke, in a very quiet voice.

A couple of Red Horse, a snifter of whiskey, and Richard is snoring like a bear in the woods.

Me? I’m waiting for my laptop to finish installing blasted Microsoft up dates before I can look at the photos.

By the way, I googled it, swimming centipedes are a thing! Who knew…